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How to Share Indosat IM3 Quota Package to Other Users as a Gift

Gadgetren – Users Indosat card service can share their credit to be transferred to other Indosat users as long as the credit is sufficient and has met the requirements.

However, Indosat does not provide a feature that allows you to make the quota on the currently active package distributed to other Indosat users.

However, you can share quota from unactivated internet package through the MyIM3 application or SMS. Later you can choose an internet package with the Gift system which can be found on MyIM3.

Through this feature, you can give it to other users after paying for the desired package. However, it should be noted that not all packages can be given or gifts to other people.

That way, you have to look for an internet package that brings up the Gift button with a gift icon in the MyIM3 application to be able to do it.

How to Send Indosat Packages and Quotas

Via the MyIM3 App

  • Open the MyIM3 application on your cellphone
  • On the main page, choose internet package with the quota that you want to share with other users
  • Press the button Gift give a gift icon at the bottom
  • Enter recipient number internet package quota
  • Press the button Next
  • On the Confirmation page, you will see Transaction Details
  • Select method payment
  • Press the button Pay Now
  • After the payment process is complete, the internet package will be activated on the recipient’s cellphoneIndosat - Share Quota

Several payment methods that can be selected for purchases consist of credit, IMkas balance, Ucan balance, e-wallet (Gopay, OVO, and ShopeePay), credit or debit cards, to virtual accounts (BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, Bersama).

However, if you haven’t installed the MyIM3 application on your cellphone, you can use SMS to send packages. You only need to enter a few keywords that have been determined by Indosat so that the internet package delivery process and its quota can run smoothly.


  • Open the app Messages or SMS on mobile
  • Type the keyword GIFT(space)Destination Number(space)extra(space)Package Name. For example: GIFT 085712114354656 Freedom Combo
  • Send the SMS to the number 363
  • After getting an SMS reply, you can type OF to continue the process
  • If successful, then you will get a notification that the Indosat package has been sent to another user
  • Later the internet package and its quota will be directly received by the destination number

Although sharing Indosat internet packages via SMS can be done easily, the delivery method is more interactive using the MyIM3 application. Moreover, there are various payment methods that can be directly selected in the application.

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