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How to Share Google Meet Screen on Mobile and Laptop

Gadgetren – Besides Zoom, Google Meet is now a video conferencing application that is used for work activities, learning, workshops, seminars, and others.

In addition to being able to do face-to-face via video calls, of course you can also share presentation files, videos, documents, and others to be shown to other participants so that the conference runs more interactively, especially when discussing work.

You can easily share presentation files or documents using the Share Screen feature which is available on Google Meet by default.

However, because Google Meet is available through a browser on a computer and an application on a cellphone, the way to do it will be a little different.

Dear Share Screen from Google Meet

Via Mobile Application

  • Open the Google Meet app on your phone and log in to your account
  • Enter access code the meeting room
  • Select the menu More berikon three dots at the bottom right
  • Choose an option Share screen
  • Press the button Start Sharing
  • Then, press the button Start Now
    Google Meet - Share Screen App
  • All presentation, video, or other files that are on the phone screen will appear in Google Meet
    Google Meet - Handphone Screen Display

Later all the activities you do on the mobile screen will be visible on Google Meet. For this reason, you should first prepare presentation files, videos, documents, or others before the Share Screen is activated.

When the preparations have been completed, then you only need to switch to the application to show files or documents that are shared with other participants through the Google Meet application.

Even though it’s more flexible to use a cellphone for video conferencing on Google Meet, you can actually share screen more freely from a laptop or PC.

Via Browser

  • Open Google Meet via browser and Google account login
  • Next, enter access code the meeting room
  • Select the button Present Now berikon up arrow which is at the bottom
    Google Meet - Share Screen Web - 1
  • On the Present pop-up menu, select A Window
    Google Meet - Share Screen Web - 2
  • Select PowerPoint or more apps in the Windows or Screen which are desired
  • Press the button Allow
    Google Meet - Share Screen Web - 3
  • Later Google Meet will immediately open the application
    Google Meet - Share Screen Web - 4

The Windows or screen section that appears in the Present pop-up menu allows you to select specific apps that appear in Google Meet or the entire screen area.

If you want to show the whole screen, then you can choose Entire Screen in the Windows or screen section. Every activity that appears on the screen will also appear on Google Meet without exception.

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