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How to Share Applications via Bluetooth So You Don’t Need to Download Again

Gadgetren – Sharing mobile applications via a Bluetooth connection can indeed be one of the efforts that can be made if we don’t want to spend our internet quota to download it.

Moreover, we can easily find a Bluetooth connection. Almost all cellphone models, especially new ones, definitely have it as the main feature to help users exchange data.

Using a Bluetooth connection is also quite practical and safe. As long as the cellphones are close together, we only need to activate the feature and then connect the two to send data from one device to another.

Besides being easy to use, the Bluetooth connection also supports sending for almost all types of data. Including, we can use this support to share mobile applications so we don’t have to download them again.

Sending applications via a Bluetooth connection is not much different from various kinds of data in general. As for those of you who don’t know, here’s a detailed explanation of how to do that.

How to Share Mobile Applications Via Bluetooth

  • Make sure you have the raw file (APK) of the application in question
  • Turn on Bluetooth on both phones
  • On the sender’s cellphone, find the raw file of the application using the file manager
  • Tap and hold on the file
  • Select an option Share from the menu that appears
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Let the device scan for the Bluetooth connection of the receiving phone
  • Tap the Bluetooth name of the receiving phone
    How to Share Apps Via Bluetooth - 1
  • On the recipient’s cellphone, press the button Accept
  • Wait until the transfer process is complete
  • Tap on the received file to install the application

In order to be able to share applications via a Bluetooth connection, we unfortunately have to have an APK file first. We in this case will not get it from the applications installed from the Google Play Store unless the device is rooted or using a third party service.

Even so, we don’t need to worry if we don’t have the raw file. We can still share applications via Bluetooth by utilizing a number of services including the Google Play Store itself.

How to Share Mobile Apps Through the Google Play Store

  • Open Google Play Store on both phones
  • Tap avatar photo in the top right corner
  • Select the menu Manage apps & device
  • Make sure it’s on the tab Overview
  • Search section Share apps
  • Tap the button Send for sender and Receive for the recipient
    How to Share Apps Via Bluetooth - 2
  • Tap Continue if it’s the first time
  • Allow location access if the service requests it
  • On the sender’s phone, select all the apps you want to share
  • Click button Send (paper airplane icon) in the upper right corner
  • Select the recipient’s cellphone name (according to the information that appears on the Google Play Store)
  • On the recipient’s phone, tap Receive
  • Once the transfer process is complete, the next recipient can tap a button Install or Install all

The install button can be used to install applications one by one. Meanwhile, if you select Install all, later the received files will be installed entirely. You can use it as needed.

Sharing via the Google Play Store is just not purely using Bluetooth alone. The service will also use WiFi as a data transfer medium to speed up the process. This feature is named with Nearby Share.

The Nearby Share feature not only allows us to share applications but also updates. But keep in mind that we cannot use this support to send paid products.

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