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How to set the time and date for an OPPO cellphone to match

Gadgetren – There are times when you are traveling to an area or area, the time and date are on your device OPPO does not change to local time.

Even the screen only shows the time of the previous area so that there are some time differences which of course will make you confused.

We recommend that you also set the time and date on the OPPO device so that it can change automatically when traveling somewhere, especially those with different time zones.

How to Set OPPO Clock and Date

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO devices.
  • Type in keywords date on column Search at the top.
  • Next, select an option Date & Time.
  • Press the button toggle Set time automatically to the on position.
  • Likewise for Set time zone automatically.
  • The time and date will change automatically.
    OPPO - Date and Time

When you don’t activate the Set time zone automatically feature, you have to set your own time zone when visiting other remote areas. For example Jakarta with GMT + 7 so Singapore with GMT + 8 and others.

GMT or Greenwich Mean Time is an international time standardization system to determine the time difference between countries in the world based on geographical location. That way Greenwich in London, England becomes a zero point benchmark for other countries.

That way, GMT + 7 indicates that the time difference from Greenwich to Jakarta reaches 7 hours. If Greenwich is showing 00.00, then automatically in Jakarta at 07.00 at the same time.

Therefore it is better to always use automatic settings because there is no need to bother setting the time and date when traveling to an area. Then when you activate the 24-hour format feature on the Date & Time page, the hours displayed will change to 00.00 to 23.39.

Of course, this format is different from the watch face, which uses the AM and PM formats to distinguish between day and night. Clock settings will affect the Lock Screen and Widgets pinned on the Home Screen so always make sure to match what is there.

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