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How to set the clock on a Vivo cellphone to be on time

Gadgetren – There are times when you feel surprised when the time and date appear on your cellphone vivo does not correspond to the current time.

This is probably because you never set the time and date manually. That way, the time becomes different which can be less or more so that it is no longer the same as it should be.

Of course you need to reset the clock on the Vivo cellphone. It’s also a good idea to make it automatic so that you make changes every time you move to a region or country.

How to set a clock on a Vivo cellphone

  • Open the app Settings on vivo mobile
  • To change the hours, Type Time in the Search column
  • Select the menu Date & Time or Date and Time to set the clock
  • Reselect menus Date & Time or Date and Time
  • Press the toggle button Use network provided-time and Use network provided time-zone to the active position

Using keywords in the Search column will make it easier for you to find the Date & Time menu because sometimes there are several menus that are located differently on some Vivo cellphones.

Later the system will utilize the internet network and GPS to be able to detect the area you are in so that it can change the time and date automatically more accurately.

If you disable Use network-provide time, then you have to set the time and date manually. Meanwhile, if Use network-provided time zone is turned off, you also need to manually set the time zone of the country you are visiting.

You can also activate Use 24-hour format to make a clock display that appears starting from the numbers 00.00 to 23.59 instead of numbers using the AM and PM systems.

Apart from that, you can also add a clock widget on the Home Screen page to get easier access and be able to see it clearly.

Added Clock Widget

  • Press and hold an empty area on the page Home Screen
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, select Widgets
  • Find widgets Clock you want to use
  • Press and hold the widget
  • Drag the widget onto the page Home Screen

With Widgets on the Home Screen page, now you have faster access to set the time while beautifying the appearance of the screen so it doesn’t just look blank.

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