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How to Send DM Messages on TikTok To Communicate More Privately

Gadgetren – Not only presenting a variety of short videos made by its users, TikTok has also presented features to make users feel at home using the application.

To interact between users, TikTok has provided a DM (Direct Message) service like sending private messages that are present on several other social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

You could say the DM presented on TikTok is also real time so that the sender and recipient can exchange messages quickly. However, some TikTok users are still confused about how to access and use the DM.

For that, you can see the tutorial below so you can send private messages to other users via DM (Direct Message) present on TikTok.

How to DM on TikTok

  • Open TikTok app and log in account
  • On the main page, select menu Inbox in the below section
  • Press the button Send Message berikon Balloon Text at the top right
  • On page Create a new chatfind friends to message or chat
  • After button Chat pressed, you can write a message to a friend

DM TikTok

If you choose more than one person to send a message to on the Create a new chat page, then TikTok will automatically display the button Start group chat which allows live group chats to be created.

It should be noted that to be able to send a DM (Direct Message), you and the recipient have to be themed with each other, aka follow each other. If not, then the system on TikTok will not automatically send messages.

Later messages that are not sent are marked with an exclamation mark icon in a circle stating that TikTok will not forward the DM message to other users who are not friends. You could say TikTok is different from other services that allow users to send DMs to other users without the need to follow each other first.

It is possible that TikTok wants to maintain the privacy of its users so that they are not suddenly sent messages by unknown people. So it’s best to display an email or social media account that can be contacted on the TikTok account bio page to collaborate, endorse, partner, and more.

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