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How to See Trending YouTube Both on Site and App

Gadgetren – As a YouTube user, you can become a content creator by monetizing videos on YouTube using Google Adsense if the conditions are met.

In addition, you can also work with brands to create advertising videos, promotions, reviews, and others that will be witnessed by many people.

If in a few days the video uploaded to YouTube is seen by many people, then the video may enter the Trending page which of course can make the video more widespread and the number of viewers to explode.

You can also see directly what videos are currently popular on the Trending page on the YouTube website or application. However, after the latest update, the location of the Trending page has changed slightly because it needs to open several menus gradually.

How to See Trending on YouTube

Via Site

  • Access YouTube official site via browser
  • On the main page, select menu Explore on the left
    YouTube - Trending - Website - 1
  • Then tap menu Trending the one with the red fire icon
    YouTube - Trending - Website - 2
  • You can see trending videos with four categories consisting of Now, Music, Gaming, and Movies
    YouTube - Trending - Website - 3

But if you often use the application on your cellphone, then you can search for the Trending page with slightly different steps.

Via App

  • Open the YouTube app
  • On the main page of the application, select menu Explore which is at the top
  • Enter the menu Trending
  • You will be shown Trending videos which consist of categories Now, Music, Gaming, and Movies
    YouTube - Trending - Apps

If you pay attention, the position of the Explore menu on the application is more directly visible than the YouTube site so that it speeds up your access to pages containing trending videos.

It should be noted that the Now category will show Trending videos from all categories including Music, Gaming, and Movies. Of course, the higher the order of the video, the more popular it is among YouTube connoisseurs.

Meanwhile, the Music category will present music videos both Official, Cover, and others that are popular in the past few days. For the Gaming category, of course, presenting videos with content playing games, gaming podcasts, game tutorials, and others that are trending.

For the Movies category, it usually contains more movie trailer videos, movie reviews, reactions to watching movies, and others that are certainly popular on a few days.

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