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How to See Total Transactions on Grab Like It’s Going Viral

Gadgetren – Social media is being enlivened by users who display a status containing the total history of Gojek’s transaction activities for a year.

Gojek does provide a feature to view the total transaction activity of GoRide, GoCar, and GoFood in its application.

This also makes some people curious, whether Grab can also see the total transactions like Gojek. After I did some searching, it turned out that Grab does not have such a feature in the app.

We are required to first open the Help page on the Grab official website to get total transaction information. In addition, it can only be viewed for a maximum of 90 days, so transactions that exceed that time cannot be displayed.

How to View Total Transactions on Grab

  • Page access Help on the official site Grab via browser
  • Select the menu Payment
  • Select Request a trip report in the Payment Issues section
  • Select I want to retrieve transaction reports on Grab in the Request a trip report . section
  • Scroll down and press the button Login to make a report
  • On page Login to Grabenter Grab account mobile number and press the button Continue
    Grab - Total Transactions - 1
  • Enter 6 digit code OTP sent via SMS
  • Select range transaction date, type of proof of payment, and transaction type
  • Press the button Select
  • Next information on the number of subscribers, the amount of funds used, and Grab transaction details will be shown
    Grab - Total Transactions - 2

Meanwhile, if you want to print all details of the total Grab transaction information, then you can press the Print button. Later you will be directed to the Print page to print it into physical paper.

We recommend that you use a laptop or computer if you want to print the details of the total Grab transaction so that it is easier to choose the type of printer or save it as a PDF. If you print it via a cellphone, usually the Print menu will ask the cellphone to first connect to a printer.

Unfortunately, Grab does not provide a feature to view the total Grab transactions directly in the application because this feature will make it easier for users to access it without the hassle of going to the Help page.

In addition, the time span to see Grab’s total transactions must also be increased from 90 days to 1 year, even interesting if it can be set up to a period of 5 years.

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