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How to See Total Shopping and Expenses of Shopee So Far

Gadgetren – Shopping online is loved by everyone, from young to old, to the point that it doesn’t feel like we have spent a lot of money with a nominal value.

E-commerce, which always presents various promos in the form of discounts to free shipping, makes its users easily tempted so that many switch from traditional shopping to physical stores to shop online.

It’s no wonder that various needs are increasingly being spent through e-commerce sites like Shopee, so you also need to know the nominal amount of money that has been spent. This is necessary so that you can be more planned and choose which needs are important. That way you can manage your budget to meet your daily needs more efficiently.

Of e-commerce Shopee itself, both on the application and the web, has specifically presented a feature to find out our total shopping transactions for a year along with the history of shopping activities. Each Shopee user has a different badge depending on the transaction that has been made.

There are three predefined buyer badges on Shopee which include Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For buyers who enter the Classic level, they have never shopped, while the Silver level has spent at least IDR 500,000.

Then the Gold level has at least spent around IDR 3,000,000 and the Platinum level has at least reached IDR 10,000,000. We can see the member level on the Shopee account profile page.

How to See Shopee’s Total Shopping and Spending

The total Shopee orders page will record your shopping activity over a 6-month period starting from January to June then July to December. While the total transactions themselves were recorded over the past year. Apart from seeing total orders and transactions, you can also view order history by checking it in the My Orders menu.

Then look at My Order History which will be displayed starting from the oldest to the newest, all appear there as long as you never delete it. You can also share Shopee transactions on Instagram by taking a screenshot.

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