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How to See Total Gojek Transactions Ever Done

Gadgetren – Checking total transactions on Gojek’s services is now easier. We can even do it directly through the official application they have developed.

Some time ago, the Gojek company added new support to the Orders menu in their application. We can specifically use it to check how many total transactions have been made through the service.

That way, we can now monitor daily to annual expenses more easily. Especially for those of us who really depend on Gojek’s services to meet our daily needs, from transportation, to eating, to shopping.

This new support from Gojek can be used immediately if we have updated the application to the latest version. You can visit the page Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store according to your operating system if you haven’t already.

If you have updated the application, those of you who want to see the total costs that have been incurred for transacting on Gojek services can take advantage of this support by following the steps below.

How to View Total Transactions on Gojek Services

  • Update the app to the most recent version
  • Login to the application with the account you have
  • Enter the tab Orders
  • Tap the button Download (down arrow icon) in the top right corner of the app
  • Change Start date and End date according to the transaction period you want to know
  • Tap the Download button
    How to View Total Gojek Transactions
  • Wait for the download process to finish
  • Progress can be seen in the notification panel
  • When you’re done, drag the status bar to open the notification panel
  • Tap the notification Statement downloaded!
  • Open transaction reports using applications that support PDF files
  • Check the total transaction in the section Total Amount

Although it is easy to use, the Gojek transaction download feature unfortunately can only convey data for up to one year for each report. If we need more information than that, we need to divide it into several periods.

In addition to supporting checking the total costs that have been incurred in a certain period, we can also see the details of every Gojek transaction on the Orders page. We in this case only need to tap the desired data.

Even if you want, you can also download the receipt from the related transaction as a PDF file. We can do it by pressing the button Download bill which will also appear after opening it.

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