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How to see the WiFi password on a registered Samsung cellphone

Gadgetren – There are times when you are in public places such as campuses, places to eat, and others, you will choose to connect to the WiFi network available in these places using your Samsung mobile phone because it is more stable and faster.

If you have already connected to the WiFi of that location, it will automatically be used directly on the same cellphone. But if you want to connect other devices to the WiFi network, then of course you need to enter the password again.

Several cell phones Samsung only shows the name of the WiFi network and QR Code without presenting a password at all to share. Fortunately, you can use an app like QR & Barcode Reader from the Google Play Store to scan the displayed WiFi password.

How to see WiFi passwords on Samsung mobile phones

Get WiFi QR Code

  • Open the app Settings on Samsung cell phones
  • Enter the menu Connections
  • Select the menu Wi-Fi
  • Press the button Settings with a cog icon on the right side of the Wi-Fi network that has been connected in the Current network section
  • Next, press the button QR Code at the bottom left
  • On the page Share network, Press the button Save as Image to save it as a picture

Actually, on some of the latest Samsung cellphones there are buttons Nearby Share right below the QR Code on the Share Network page which when pressed will immediately bring up the name and password of the WiFi that is currently connected.

But if there is no button Nearby Share, then the next step you need to need to read the QR Code using QR & Barcode Reader app from Google Play Store.

Read WiFi Password from QR Code

  • Open the app QR & Barcode Reader Installed on Samsung mobile
  • On the main page of the application, press the button Scan Image
  • Next, choose QR Code image which has been saved earlier
  • On the page Scan image, the app will notify that QR Code contains WiFi network
  • Press the button Done tick icon at the top right
  • On the WiFi page, you will see WiFi information
  • For password WiFi is under WPA

If you press the button View code, You can also find these data in the form of structured text. The WiFi name will be marked after writing WIFI:S: and WiFi password will be marked after writing P:.

If you are using a device that has a camera such as a mobile phone or tablet, you should just scan the QR code that you have obtained so that it connects immediately and you don’t have to bother typing in the password manually.

Scanning the QR Code will allow other devices to connect to the WiFi network quickly because the information will be entered automatically.

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