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How to See OPPO Battery Health So You Always Know Its Condition

Gadgetren – As a very important component, the battery is able to provide life energy for OPPO devices so that they can be used to support their user’s routine.

As time goes by, of course the condition of the battery will decrease so you have to check it regularly.

Unlike the iPhone, which shows the percentage of Battery Health as its feature, Android-based devices are artificial OPPO does not have a built-in feature that can show Battery Health directly.

So you need to download third-party applications such as AIDA64, Electron, and Battery Health Check as a way to see OPPO’s Battery Health which is shown through the health indicator.

How to See Battery Health OPPO

Using AIDA64

  • Download the AIDA64 app from Google Play Store.
  • Run the application once installed.
  • On the main page, select menu Battery.
  • Furthermore, Battery Health will appear immediately to see his health.

If it says Good, then the battery condition is fine. In addition, AIDA64 can also display various information about the battery, starting from the percentage of battery power currently owned, technology, temperature, voltage, to battery capacity.

Via Electron

  • Download the Electron app from Google Play Store.
  • Run the application.
  • Wait for the calibration process to finish.
  • On the main page, you will immediately see information about Battery Health at the top.
    OPPO - Electron - Battery Health

With Battery Health Check

  • Install the Battery Health Check app from Google Play Store.
  • Run the application.
  • Wait for the calibration process to finish.
  • On the main page, you can see Battery Health information in the section Condition.
    OPPO - Battery Health Check

Both the Electron and Battery Health Check applications will also display information such as Good to conclude the battery health of an OPPO device.

Unfortunately, all of these applications cannot find out the percentage of Battery Health from OPPO devices. You will only see condition information written as Bad or Good.

Usually, if the words Good appear, the battery health of the OPPO device is still good so that it can be used for daily activities. However, when Bad is displayed, you must be prepared to replace the battery because its health is no longer good, which can affect the usage period.

If this happens, you should visit the official OPPO Service Center so that it is handled by experienced staff and technicians for the battery replacement process so that it is carried out professionally in a short time.

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