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How to See More Instagram Post Drafts That Have Been Made

Gadgetren – In order not to make mistakes when making uploads on Instagram, we can save it first in draft form so that it can be edited or viewed again.

On Instagram, drafts can be used to create Feeds and Reels while Stories and IG TV won’t appear so they have to be uploaded right away.

By making drafts for Feeds and Reels will make it easier for us to design the content that we want to upload. In addition, the drafts that have been collected and made can be scheduled to make regular uploads with certain themes.

Usually drafts are very useful for Instagram users who have public or professional accounts so that they can make many drafts at one time and then use them as needed.

Both Feeds and Reels provide draft lists, each of which is located differently. To be able to see the menu, of course we must have made a draft first.

Drafts for Feeds will appear when we want to upload photos or videos in the Feed upload using the plus sign icon at the top. While we can find drafts for Reels when we want to make Reels which are located next to the IG Story feature.

How to View Drafts Again on Instagram

  • Log in to your Instagram account on your mobile.
  • Tap the button + in the rectangular box located at the top in line with the notification and message icons.How-to-View-again-Drafts-in-IG-1
  • Then select the menu post.How-To-See-Again-Drafts-in-IG-2
  • Tap the button drafts on the right side of the options Gallery. How-to-View-again-Drafts-in-IG-3
  • Select and tap the photo drafts you want to upload.
  • Tap the button arrow direction to the right in blue to continue.How-to-View-again-Drafts-on-IG-5
  • Edit the caption or description on the drafts if needed.
  • You can also edit the photo first if you want to delete or add something.
  • Enter other required information such as tagging people or including location.
  • After that tap the sign button blue tick to upload.

Looking back at drafts on Instagram works for Reels too. The steps are almost similar where you have to enter to create Reels to be able to find the drafts that have been made.

Even though it’s still in the form of drafts, you can also delete it if possible such as because the photo is wrong, lacking, and so on. Deleting drafts can be done by selecting the manage menu on the drafts page.

After that tap the pencil icon in the top corner and select the photo drafts you want to delete. If you are sure of your choice, you can immediately tap the blue check button to permanently delete drafts.

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