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How to see battery health or battery health on Xiaomi cellphones

Gadgetren – So that the various functions it carries can always be used properly, a cellphone must have battery support that is always in prime condition.

If not, the cellphone will quickly run out of power so it can die before being used. So it can actually hinder various kinds of activities that are being done instead of helping users.

Even so, the decline in battery health is not a figment. Those of us who use cellphones carelessly can even shorten the process so that it does not rule out the possibility that it will be damaged more quickly.

For those of you who don’t know, battery health itself generally refers to the ratio between the power storage ability of a device after repeated use and the initial typical capacity (can be seen in the cellphone specification table).

Batteries in modern electronic devices currently use lithium on average, which will decrease periodically either because they are used continuously or when not in use though.

Therefore, there are several things that need to be considered to always maintain battery health. One of them is by keeping the device temperature within normal limits, which means it is not too hot or cold. In addition, also make sure the battery power is in the range of 50-60% if you want to store it and not use it for a long time.

Fortunately, battery health on a cellphone is very easy to check. Those of you who use devices made by Xiaomi can do this by using the following steps.

How to Check Battery Health or Battery Health for Xiaomi Mobiles

Using Bug Reports

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open About phone
  • Click the menu All specs
  • Tap CPU up to five times
  • Select Agree if a confirmation window appears
  • Wait for the bug report generation process to finish
  • We can check the bug report generation process in the status bar
  • When you’re done, look for the marked ZIP file bugreport- (for example
  • Extract the ZIP file
  • Open the marked ZIP file bugreport-umi_id which is in it (for example
  • Open a TXT formatted document with a similar name to the ZIP file
  • Within the document, use the Search feature to search for sections healthd
  • See the numbers behind the text fc

The number behind the fc text is the last value of the phone’s full storage capacity. For example it shows 4250000, then the battery is currently only able to accommodate up to 4250mAh.

We can compare it with the initial capacity (according to the specifications of the cellphone) to see the health of the battery. Use formula (full storage capacity/initial typical capacity) x 100% if you want in percentage form.

If the full capacity shown in the bug report is for example 4,250mAh while the initial typical capacity of a cellphone is 4,780mAh, then the battery health can be calculated by (4.250/4.780) x 100%. With that the end result is 89% which means his ability has decreased by 11%.

Using Engineering or CIT Mode

  • Go to page Settings
  • Enter to About phone
  • Select All Specs
  • Triple click on Kernel Version
  • After entering Engineering or CIT Mode, select Single Item Test if needed
  • Search and select Battery
  • See battery health information in the Battery Health

In addition to using bug reports, we can also use Engineering or CIT Mode which is generally present as a secret menu on Xiaomi phones. Each MIUI version unfortunately it has a different display interface so we may need to adjust the steps above.

On phones with older MIUI versions, we don’t even need to open Engineering or CIT Mode to access battery information. In this case we only need to type in the secret code *#*#4636#*#* in the phone call panel (dialpad).

Using Third Party Apps

  • Install the AccuBattery app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app then do the initial setup if needed
  • After logging in on the main page of the application, go to the tab Health
  • Information about battery health will appear in the Battery Health

AccuBattery is an application that can be used to check the health of the cellphone battery. It’s just that the information will only be available after repeated measurements through several charging times to get more accurate results.

One thing to note, it is very rare for a battery to have a 100% health value so there is no need to worry if it gets a value of 97% or the like. In addition, usually battery health will naturally decrease by 10% annually if used every day.

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