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How to see a WiFi QR code on a Vivo cellphone to share

Gadgetren – Many think that Wi-Fi network in places such as offices, cafes, restaurants, stations, and others have stable and high-speed internet.

This is what makes some people connect their devices to a WiFi network when visiting these places.

Usually users need to ask the owner or manager about the WiFi name and password in order to get internet access. Or ask a friend who has visited before.

But to make it easier, Vivo cellphone users can use QR code so friends can directly connect to a WiFi network without the hassle.

Of course, the Vivo cellphone must first be connected to the intended WiFi network so that it can display the WiFi QR code. Even the method can be said to be easy and similar to today’s Android-based cellphones from various brands.

How to See a WiFi QR Code on Vivo Mobile

  • Open the app Settings on vivo mobile
  • Select an option Network & internet
  • Select the menu Wi-Fi
    vivo - WiFi-1 QR code
  • Select Wi-Fi network that has been connected
  • On the page Network details, select the button Share the icon QR code
  • Enter the PIN, Password, Pattern, or fingerprint that you usually use for access code
  • On the page Share Wi-Fi, you will see Wi-Fi QR code along password used
    vivo - WiFi-2 QR code

You are free to connect the WiFi network manually or directly using a QR code. If manually, then you only need to connect your cellphone to an available WiFi network and enter the existing password.

Meanwhile, if you use a QR code, you can use a scanner such as Google Lens or QR Scanner. However, it should be noted, not all WiFi uses a password that can be entered together with the network name.

Sometimes some WiFi networks in certain places such as hotels use a password that must be entered in the browser after connecting to WiFi. So even if you use a QR code, you won’t be able to pin a password right away because you will only be asked to enter the password in the browser after connecting to a WiFi network and using the internet.

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