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How to Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G to Capture the Screen

Gadgetren – The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G offers various kinds of support that can make the daily life of every user easier. It also includes a screenshot feature that is easy to use.

Just like phones with Samsung’s One UI system interface in general, we can even use screenshots in several ways. Although in this case unfortunately does not support the three-finger method.

As for those of you who don’t know, the screenshot method supported by the Galaxy A52s 5G includes physical buttons, palm swipe gestures, to the assistant menu. Some of these methods are equally easy to use so you just need to adjust it according to your needs.

Thanks to the One UI system interface, the Galaxy A52s 5G also has scroll capture support which can be used to capture long screens without being interrupted. So it will be suitable for use in certain conditions, for example to save articles or conversations in messaging applications.

All the default screenshot methods on the Galaxy A52s 5G can be used as needed. Those of you who have not been able to take advantage of this feature can listen to the steps on how to use it in the following explanation.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

1. With Physical Button

  • Visit the screen you want to screenshot
  • Put your finger on the button Volume Down and Power
  • Press both at the same time and release
  • If successful, the screen will flash and a screenshot preview image appears

Screenshots with physical buttons are one of the easiest and most practical to use. Unlike some other methods, we don’t need to set any settings in order to use it because it’s already embedded directly in the Android operating system.

It’s just that as a precaution, we may need to take advantage of other methods. Screenshots in this way can make the button components on the Galaxy A52s 5G cellphone wear out faster, especially if it’s used too often.

One of us can choose to use screenshots with the palm swipe method. But as I explained earlier, we may need to enable it first via settings.

2. Memakai Talk Screen

  • Go to page Settings
  • Open section Advanced features
  • Tap the menu Motions and Gestures
  • Turn on option Palm swipe to capture if not active
  • Close Settings page
  • Find the view you want to capture
  • Swipe the screen from left to right or vice versa with the side of the palm
  • The screen will flash and a preview image will appear if successful

A screenshot with a palm swipe is one that I recommend. Besides it won’t make the buttons break quickly, this method is still very practical to use because it doesn’t need to require long steps after it has been activated.

But if you still feel uncomfortable then you can try to use the Assistant Menu which can also be useful for other things.

3. Utilize the Assistant Menu

  • Go to page Settings
  • Search and open Accessibility
  • Open Interaction and dexterity
  • Activate option Assistant menu
  • When the Assistant menu button appears, a floating menu will appear
  • Visit the page you want to immortalize
  • Press floating menu Assistant button
  • Select Screenshot
  • If the screen flashes and a preview image appears then the screenshot is successful

By using one of the methods above, we can not only take regular screenshots but also scroll capture to take long screenshots. Here’s how to use it if you don’t already know it.

4. Long Screenshot

  • Look for long pages such as articles, web pages or conversations in the messaging app
  • Take a screenshot with one of the methods above
  • Wait for the screenshot preview to appear
  • Tap the menu Scroll Capture (double down arrow icon) that appears with the preview image
  • Tap the menu repeatedly until the entire page has been captured
  • Tap an empty area or let the preview image disappear to close it

All screenshot images will be saved automatically to the storage media on the cellphone. So later it can be opened via the Gallery, file manager, or photo editing applications according to your preferences.

After the screenshot is taken, you can actually edit it directly by opening the preview window. Later you can do various things such as crop to share it directly via instant messaging applications or others.

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