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How to screenshot realme C3 to save proof of payment or others

Gadgetren – Even though the Realme C3 was launched in 2020 ago, this device is still used by some people because it has attractive specifications for the price range offered.

In fact, some people still ask questions about the C3 realm, such as how to take screenshots on the cellphone screen so that they can capture content or save evidence such as financial transactions.

Taking screenshots on the Realme C3 can also be done using several methods such as physical button combinations, using 3-finger gestures, to using the Google Assistant feature.

Actually, physical button combinations are already available on Android-based cellphones in general, so this is the easiest method to do because it will make you familiar even if you keep changing cellphones.

Cara Screenshot realme C3

Using Physical Key Combinations

  1. Unlock screen of realme C3
  2. Select the area to take screenshot
  3. Press the button power + volume down for a while
  4. When the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot has been successfully taken
  5. Image results can be opened in the application Gallery and File Manager

The physical key combination does not require any settings on the phone and you can use it right away. But you should also be careful not to damage the power and volume down buttons more quickly.

We all know that the power button is very important to turn on or off the realme C3 while the volume down button is also useful for reducing it. Moreover, the volume and power buttons are also sometimes useful as buttons for navigating and selecting in Recovery Mode.

For this reason, you can take advantage of the 3-finger gesture feature which has been active by default since the first realme C3 was turned on as an alternative to taking screenshots.

Via 3-Finger Gesture

  1. Determine the area you will screenshot
  2. Sweep the screen from top to bottom using three fingers which is connected
  3. Next, the shutter sounds and the screen flashes which means that the screenshot has been taken
  4. You can immediately see the screenshot results through the application Gallery nor File Manager

You could say that almost all cellphones made by realme already have the 3-finger Gesture feature which is activated by default without the need to do any settings first. But if you want to try another way, then you can use voice commands via Google Assistant

Rely on Google Assistant

  1. First find the area to be taken as a screenshot
  2. Next, say OK Google
  3. After Google Assistant active, then say Take a Screenshot
  4. If the screenshot is successfully taken, the screen will flash and a shutter sound is heard

Those are the three methods that can make it easier for you to take screenshots on the Realme C3 when you want to save the content that appears on the screen in the form of images.

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