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How to screenshot Infinix Hot 20i to save screenshots

The Gadget – Infinix Hot 20i has been equipped with a built-in screenshot feature that makes it easier for you to capture images of content that appears on the screen.

You can then use the screenshots as evidence for reporting needs, materials for making tutorials on using applications or setting up cellphones, game guides, and much more.

Almost the same as other Android-based mobile phones, you can also use a combination of physical buttons to quickly take screenshots without the need to open the settings first on the device. Infinix the.

Cara Screenshot Infinix Hot 20i

Physical Key Combinations

  • Find and select the area you want screenshots taken
  • Press the button Power + Volume Bawah simultaneously
  • The screen will flash or the shutter sound will sound
  • Screenshots have been taken
  • The screenshot results can be seen in the application Gallery or File Manager

Even though it is effective, don’t use the Power button too often because it has a vital function to turn your cellphone on or off. Especially if it gets damaged, of course it will be difficult for you to turn on the cellphone without the Power button working.

The Volume Down key is also very important as it is usually used to quickly lower the volume. So it’s best to use the features provided in Infinix Hot 20i, such as accessing the Screenshot feature in Quick Settings.

Melalui Quick Settings

  • Determine the area that you will screenshot
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom using one finger
  • Menu Quick Settings will appear
  • Press the button Screenshot
  • The screen will flash or the shutter sound will sound
  • Screenshot results via Gallery or File Manager from Infinix Hot 20i

Apart from using Quick Settings, you can also use the 3 finger gesture to take screenshots on the Infinix Hot 20i. The good news is, this gesture feature has been activated automatically from the first time you activate your cellphone.

Through 3 Finger Gesture

  • Select the desired area
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen using three fingers pressed together
  • The screen will flash or the shutter sound will sound
  • Screenshot has been completed
  • Open the app Gallery or File Manager to see the screenshots

It can be seen that using the 3 finger gesture is also very easy to do where you don’t need to deal with physical button combinations or have to open Quick Settings first.

Of the existing methods, it’s more advisable to use the screenshots button found in Quick Settings or use the 3-finger gesture method instead of having to use a physical button combination if you do it often.

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