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How to Screenshot HP Infinix All Types to Capture Screen Displays

Gadgetren – Since introducing itself in 2016, the Infinix company has always participated in enlivening the mobile phone market in Indonesia, especially for the lower middle class.

Although not as strong as other popular brands, their mobile phones are also quite in demand by the public. This is because they generally offer quite high specifications but are still priced at affordable prices.

Infinix-made cellphones also do not leave a variety of important features that can support user activities. Including one of them screenshots that can be used to capture the screen display.

For the screenshot feature in particular, Infinix phones are generally equipped with several easy-to-use methods. In it there is also something that can be used to take long screenshots.

There are at least three methods that can be used to take screenshots on cellphones made by Infinix. The following is an explanation of the steps to do it for those of you who don’t know.

How to Screenshot Infinix Mobile

Using Physical Keys

  • Access the app or web page you want to take a screenshot of
  • Place finger on button Power and Volume Down
  • Press both at the same time and release
  • A shutter sound will be heard
  • A screenshot preview image will appear if successful

Along with the preview image, a number of menus will appear that can be used to manage it further. Including Edit to edit, Share if you want to share, Delete to delete, and Done when you want to close it.

Using Quick Menu

  • Visit the desired view
  • Open Quick Menu by pulling the status bar down
  • Select icon Screenshot

Taking a screenshot with this method is possible if a screenshot shortcut is already installed in the Quick Menu. If not then we need to add it manually by pressing Edit then drag the desired button to the active section.

Utilizing Three Finger Gestures

  • Go to page Settings
  • Enter the menu Smart assistant
  • Tap section Action and gesture
  • Activate option Take screenshot with 3 fingers
  • If it is active, find and open the page you want to immortalize
  • Swipe three fingers on the screen from top to bottom

This screen capture method is one of the most practical and safe. Although to use it, we do need to make sure that the settings option is activated.

How to Take Long Screenshots of Infinix Mobiles

  • Take a screenshot with a method that has been mastered
  • Wait for the screenshots to appear
  • Select the menu Scrollshot
  • Scroll the screen until all the pages in question are immortalized
  • Click Finish Scrollshot
  • Tap the button Done

Long screenshots only apply to pages with more than one screen size. Some of these features can be used to capture web articles or conversations on short message services.

Infinix itself is a company that diligently refreshes XOS system interface made. So some of the methods above may have slightly different steps on some device models.

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