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How to screenshot and record the Samsung Galaxy M23 5G screen

Gadgetren – Equipped with OneUI 4.1 based Android 12The Samsung Galaxy M23 5G is equipped with various features that make it easy to take screenshots.

We all know that screenshots can be used for various needs such as documenting a game display, making application tutorials, serving as proof of transactions, and many more.

By default there are several methods that users can do on Galaxy M23 5G to take screenshots such as using a combination of physical buttons and using the Assistant Menu.

Almost with today’s Android operating system mobile phones, a combination of physical buttons can be made to take screenshots on the Galaxy M23 5G without the need to make any settings at all.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy M23 5G

Physical Key Combinations

  • Enter page Home Screen
  • Look for area which you will screenshot
  • Press the key combination Power + Volume Bawah simultaneously
  • Wait flashing screen or shutter sound is heard
  • The screenshot has been taken
  • Screenshot image results in the application Gallery or File Manager

The screenshot process using a key combination is very easy to do. But of course you don’t use the Power button too often because its function is very important to turn on or turn off the cellphone.

If the Power button is damaged, then of course it will hinder various functions and activities which of course is very annoying. For this reason, you can use an alternative through the Assistant Menu.

Melalui Accessibility Menu

  • App access Settings on the Galaxy A02 cellphone
  • Press menu Accessibility
  • Select an option Interaction and Dexterity
  • Press the toggle button Assistant Menu to the active position
  • Furthermore, menu melayang Accessibility will appear on the screen
  • Find and select the area that you will screenshot
  • Open the floating menu Accessibility and press the button Screenshot icon with a picture of a mountain in the box
  • After the Screen flashes or shutter soundthen the screenshot is successfully taken
  • The results of screenshots can be accessed through the application Gallery or File Manager

Even though you have to make settings first, at least Accessibility can be accessed smoothly through the screen so that users don’t need to involve physical buttons at all.

If screenshots can only capture content in the form of images, then you can go to the next level by activating the Screen Recording feature on the Galaxy M23 5G for screen recording which can later capture content on the screen in video form.

How to record the screen on the Samsung Galaxy M23 5G

  • After from the page Home Screen, look for the area to start screen recording
  • Swipe the screen from top to bottom with one finger until it appears Quick Settings
  • Select Screen Recorder
  • You are asked to choose a sound source with options No Sound, Media Sounds, or Media Sounds and Mic
  • Press the button Start Recording after selecting the sound source
  • The countdown will start from 3 until recording starts
  • When you have finished recording the screen, press the button Stop on the floating menu on the screen
  • Screen recording video results can be accessed through the application Gallery or File Manager

Actually, in the Start recording with Screen Recorder pop-up menu, you are also faced with a menu and a toggle button for the Show taps and touches feature. If you activate this feature, every time you touch something on the screen a white circle will appear.

Then for the sound source by selecting Media Sounds it will only record sound from the displayed content. However, if you select Media Sounds and Mic, the sound from the cellphone and the cellphone microphone will be recorded at the same time.

You can also adjust the quality of the screen-recorded video starting from Low (480p), Medium (720p), to High (1080p) resolution. The higher the quality, the resulting video will be larger in size.

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