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How to screenshot and record the Samsung Galaxy A10s screen so that it can be shared

Gadgetren – In today’s era, taking screenshots and recording screen displays are indeed two things that need to be studied regardless of the device because under certain conditions it is not uncommon to need it.

We, for example, will need one of the two things to store information that appears on the screen of an application or game.

Including for me personally such as a backup code (backup code) to anticipate the possibility when we forget the password for a service. So it can be saved for later viewing at any time so you can still access the service.

By using screenshots or screen recordings, we can also share a number of things with others such as the gameplay of a game, tutorials on using applications, or tips on using a mobile phone feature.

Fortunately, Samsung-made cellphones are equipped with features to do this in an embedded way. We, among others, can find it on the old Samsung Galaxy A10s device, which was launched in 2019.

It’s just that the features available on the Galaxy A10s are quite limited because of the specifications. This cellphone is only equipped with default screenshot support which can be used as explained below.

How to screenshot the Samsung Galaxy A10s screen

Using Physical Keys

  • Open the display of the application or game that you want to take a screenshot of
  • Stick your finger on the button Power and Volume Down
  • Press and then release both buttons simultaneously
  • The screen will flash if the screenshot is successful

As with most Samsung entry-level mobile phones, preview results generally won’t appear after taking a screenshot on the Galaxy A10s. It’s just that later there will be a notification as a substitute for quick access.

However, the results can be directly accessed through the Gallery application or File Manager. Usually it is in the Screenshot or Picture folder so it is separate from other image files.

Apart from using a combination of physical buttons, we can also take advantage of the Assistant Menu feature on the Galaxy A10s mobile phone to take screenshots. We can follow the following steps to do it.

Utilize Assistant Menu

  • Enter page Settings
  • Go to section Accessibility
  • Tap the menu Interaction and dexterity
  • Turn on settings for Assistant menu
  • If so, the Assistant menu button will appear floating on the screen
  • Then find the page you want to screenshot
  • Tap the button Assistant menu the hover
  • Tap an option Screenshot

We can use the Assistant Menu to take screenshots of the Galaxy A10s screen display if we are afraid that the components of the cellphone’s physical buttons will quickly wear out or be damaged because they are pressed too often.

It’s a shame that the Galaxy A10s isn’t equipped with Samsung’s built-in screen recording feature, like mid-range cellphones in the Galaxy line. That’s why we need to use a third-party application to be able to do it.

How to Record the Samsung Galaxy A10s Screen

  • Download the Screen Recorder application from Google Play Store
  • Open the application if it is already installed
  • On the main page, button Record (camera icon) in the lower right corner
  • A floating menu will appear
  • Open the view you want to record
  • Tap the button Record (camera icon) from the floating menu
  • Confirm by tapping the button Start now
  • The application will start counting down
  • If the countdown is finished, then the recording process begins
  • Record the desired screen
  • Drag the status bar down until the notification panel opens
  • Tap the button Pause to pause the recording
  • Tap the button Stop to stop recording the screen

The Screen Recorder application made by Kimcy929 which is officially available on the Google Play Store can be an alternative that can be considered when you want to record your mobile screen.

Apart from being relatively small in size, this application also has quite complete support, of which we can find features to draw while recording or Trim to cut the resulting video.

But keep in mind, at some steps we may need to allow certain access when using Screen Recorder for the first time. This includes storage media, recording functions, and support for hovering over other applications.

The steps needed are also not as practical as Samsung’s default screen recording feature, which is usually only one tap away. However, this application is still relatively easy to use to record the screen.

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