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How to screenshot and record the Samsung Galaxy A04 screen to share tutorials or gameplay

Gadgetren – Taking screenshots or recording screen displays is very easy to do nowadays. Almost all cellphone models have built-in features that make it possible.

The Samsung Galaxy A04 is also one of them. Even though it was launched as an entry class device, this cellphone also supports options for taking screenshots and recording screen displays.

That way, we can easily capture the screen display in the form of images and videos. For example, to save copies of chat conversations, create tutorials, or share gameplay.

Although it cannot be denied that the support provided by this class of mobile phones is indeed more limited than that of Samsung’s middle and upper class devices in general. Including the absence of support for screen swipe gestures.

The good news is that taking screenshots and recording screen displays on the Galaxy A04 is no less easy than other cellphones. Here’s how to do it for those of you who can’t yet.

Cara Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A04

Using Physical Keys

  • Visit the page you want to screenshot
  • Press together the buttons Power and Volume Down then let go
  • The screen will flash if the screenshot is successful
  • The screenshot menu will appear

Taking screenshots using physical buttons is indeed a basic feature on various cellphone models, including the Galaxy A04. This method is also the most practical because we don’t need to set anything.

Utilize Assistant Menu

  • Open Settings
  • Enter page Accessibility
  • Click the menu Interaction and dexterity
  • Confirm option Assistant menu light up
  • If it is already on, a floating button will appear
  • Find and open the page you want to screenshot
  • Tap the hover button Assistant menu
  • Select Screenshot

Apart from using a combination of physical buttons, we also take screenshots using the help of the Assistant Menu. It’s just that we need to set it up first like the review above so that it can appear.

Long Screenshots

  • Access the long page you want to save
  • Take a screenshot using one of the methods above
  • Tap an option Scroll Capture (down arrow icon) from the screenshot menu that appears
  • Repeat tapping the option until the entire desired page is captured
  • Tap an empty area to end it

Interestingly, the Galaxy A04 is also equipped with a long screenshot option. So we can still capture pages with views that exceed one screen, such as chat conversations.

How to record the Samsung Galaxy A04 screen

  • Install the XRecorder app from Google Play Store
  • Open the app
  • Perform the initial setup according to the instructions that appear
  • Activate the Floating Ball option
  • Don’t forget to allow the necessary access
  • If you have arrived at the main page, close the application
  • A floating ball will appear
  • Open the app or game that you want to record
  • Tap Floating Ball
  • Select the button Record (red circle icon)
  • Tap Start now
  • Recording will start after the countdown timer runs out
  • Make recordings as needed
  • Tap Floating Ball
  • Click Pause (double line icon) to pause the recording
  • Click Stop (red square icon) to stop
  • Click brush icon to doodle
  • Click Tools (bag icon) to make advanced settings

Unfortunately, the Galaxy A04 is not yet equipped with a built-in feature for recording screen displays. That’s why we need to use the help of third-party applications to do this, one of which is XRecorder made by InShot.

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