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How to Scan the QR Code on Google Maps to be Directly Directed to a Place

Gadgetren – Google Maps is one of the most widely used map applications and services by users to search for a particular location.

Not only that, Google Maps can also be used as your guide when you want to walk or drive from your current location to your destination with a variety of clear and detailed guide images.

Even when you get wedding invitations, seminars, meetings, or others, you will usually see a link to the location on Google Maps in the form of a QR (Quick Response) Code.

QR Code itself is a 2-dimensional matrix code that can accommodate a lot of alphanumeric data, characters, and symbols so that it often contains links or important data.

But maybe some of you will be confused about how to use a QR Code containing a Google Maps link contained in an invitation. Actually, its use is quite easy as you can follow the steps as follows.

Cara Scan QR Code Google Maps

  1. Download the Google Lens app from Google Play Store
  2. Once installed on the phone, open the application
  3. Select the menu Search at the bottom
  4. Navigate cellphone camera to the QR Code to be scanned
  5. Press the button Search the icon magnifying glass
  6. Next press link which appears right in QR Code
  7. Then, the Google Maps application will be opened automatically
  8. You will also be shown the destination
    Google Maps - QR Code

You could say Google Lens can quickly scan a variety of data that is present in the form of a QR Code. But you also have to make sure that the camera lens of the cellphone is not dirty so that it can scan properly.

Not only for scanning QR Codes, even Google Lens has also been integrated with Google Translate, making it easier for you to directly see writing from one language changed to another.

You can also take a photo of an article with Google Lens for later translation into another language. You can even convert text in the form of images into digital writing for note applications, social media, and documents.

Not only that, Google Lens can also detect an object and display the price and where to shop on the internet. Meanwhile, you can take a picture of a place or food for later search by Google Lens using the system from Google Search.

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