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How to Scan Barcodes and QR Codes on Samsung HP

Gadgetren – A lot of information has started to be included in a QR Code in the form of links, biodata, companies, and others so that it’s easy to see.

You could say that using a QR Code will get a variety of information according to what the maker wants.

Even on some of today’s cellphones like from the brand Samsung the default feature has been pinned to scan the QR Code. You can immediately open the default camera application to be able to directly scan the QR Code.

You don’t even need to make settings first because the feature has been activated since the first time the Samsung device was turned on.

How to Scan a QR Code Barcode on a Samsung Mobile

Through the Camera Application

  • Open default camera application on Samsung cell phones
  • Navigate cellphone camera to the QR Code to be scanned
  • Wait for a link or similar to appear
  • Press the link to open it

Usually when the data contained in the QR Code is a link, then you can immediately press the link to go to the site page. These links are often used to make it easier for people to go to personal and institutional profile sites, registration forms, wedding invitations, and much more.

Meanwhile, if the QR Code contains biodata or contacts, it will usually contain a name, mobile number, or email address that can be stored directly in the Contact application. Another alternative for QR Code scanning, you can also take advantage of the Bixby Vision feature.

Via Bixby Vision

  • Open the default camera application on the Samsung device
  • Once the app is open, swipe through the page More
  • Select the menu Bixby Vision at the top
  • Next, swipe down the page Search with a magnifying glass icon
  • Point the cellphone camera at the available QR Code or Barcode
  • Later links or information will appear

Besides being able to scan the QR Code, Bixby Vision Interestingly, it can scan Barcodes. If the QR Code can contain a variety of information, then the Barcode only contains numbers which will later refer to certain data.

Meanwhile, if your Samsung cellphone does not support these two methods, you can use third-party applications, such as QR & Barcode Reader from the Google Play Store.

Through the QR & Barcode Reader Application

  • On the main page of the application, press the button Scan Using The Camera or Scan Image
  • In this example select Scan Using The Camera
  • Point the cellphone camera at the QR Code or Barcode that you want to scan
  • Next, you will see the data contained in the QR Code or Barcode
  • When the link, press to open it
  • But if it’s in the form of data, then you can immediately press copy

The Scan Using The Camera feature functions to scan the QR Code directly from the cellphone camera. Meanwhile Scan Image functions to scan a QR Code whose image is already available in the Gallery.

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