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How to Scan a WiFi QR Code on an OPPO cellphone if you forget the password

Gadgetren – Unlike Windows-based computers, the average Android-based cellphone like OPPO cannot show the password for a connected WiFi connection.

When connecting between OPPO cellphones to WiFi somewhere, it is possible that the manager or the officers there directly enter the password without notifying you.

Of course this will be inconvenient when you want to connect other devices to the WiFi. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about it because you can see the password from the WiFi connection connected to the OPPO cellphone using the QR Code that is available by default on the ColorOS system.

Later you just need to scan the QR Code so you can connect to the same WiFi connection. To find out more complete steps, you can see the tutorial as follows.

Cara Scan Barcode WiFi OPPO

  • App access Settings
  • Select the menu WiFi
  • Make sure to toggle WiFi light up
  • Next, select WiFi connection name connected
  • Select Wi-Fi QR Code
  • You will be asked to enter PIN, Password, Patternor urine accumulation to open the QR Code
  • Next, the QR Code image from the WiFi will appear
    OPPO - Scan QR Code WiFi - 1
  • Open the Google Lens application on another cellphone which can be downloaded from Google Play Store
  • On Google Lensselect the menu Search
  • Next, scan the QR Code using Google Lens
  • You will see password of WiFi network name the
  • Press the button Join Network to directly connect to WiFi
    OPPO - Scan QR Code WiFi- 2

Please note that this method of scanning WiFi barcodes can be used if your OPPO cellphone still has information from the WiFi network or has not been deleted. Through this feature, you can provide WiFi access to other cellphones more easily.

This is certainly better than using an average application to view unauthorized (illegal) WiFi passwords which usually require root access on Android phones. The risk of rooting, the application has more access than usual which means its security becomes more difficult to maintain.

You should not enable root access on Android phones, including OPPO, because this increases the risk of being easily attacked by malware because system access can be opened more easily.

So make sure you are always careful when installing applications, especially those that ask for root access if you don’t want to experience annoying problems such as data breaches or others.

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