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How to Save Videos from Facebook to HP Gallery Via the Web and Applications

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Gadgetren – Facebook is not equipped with a feature to basically save videos to the cellphone gallery. Even so, we can still do it with or without additional applications.

Aside from being a place to complain, Facebook, which is now growing, has turned into a platform for sharing content. We can find interesting videos from ordinary users to creators.

But like YouTube, these various kinds of interesting videos can unfortunately only be enjoyed through the application or the web page. There is a feature to save but not to download it to local storage or gallery but just bookmark it.

For some people, this can certainly make the use of data packages even more wasteful. The problem is that we still need to be connected to the internet repeatedly when we want to enjoy videos stored on Facebook.

Saving Facebook videos to the gallery can fortunately be done by utilizing the services of a third party. We can do this with or without additional applications as described in the following.

How to Save Videos from Facebook to Mobile Gallery

Via the Web

  • Open the Facebook app or Facebook Lite
  • Visit the page of the video you want to download
  • Open the video
  • Tap More options (three dots icon sideways) in the top right corner of the video
  • Select the menu Copy link to copy video link
  • Go to page via browser
  • Click Continue if the option appears to open via the application
    How to Save Video from Facebook to Gallery - 1
  • Tap the column Enter the URL
  • Paste the copied video link
  • Tap Arrow keys beside her
  • Wait for the page to process the video link
  • After successful change the format if needed
  • Click button Download
    How to Save Video from Facebook to Gallery - 2
  • Follow the instructions according to the browser you are using

In order to successfully perform these steps, I recommend using a browser that has been updated to the latest version. I myself in this case use Google Chrome which is a mainstay every day.

Also keep in mind that the interface for the Facebook and Facebook Lite apps is a little different. However, the Copy link menu on both can be accessed with similar steps.

In addition to using the page, we can also use other web-based video downloading services. Including which can be used with almost the same steps.

By App

  • Install the app Video Downloader from InShot
  • Open the application then do the initial settings according to the instructions that appear
  • Close the application after entering the main page
  • Use menu Copy link to copy video link from Facebook as well as Facebook Lite like previous method
  • Reopen the Video Downloader app
  • Paste tautan video ke kolom Search or Type URL
  • Press the button Enter to open the link
  • If it’s already open, tap the button Download (red circle icon with down arrow) in the video
  • Choose the image quality as needed
  • Click button Fast Download
    How to Save Video from Facebook to Gallery - 3
  • Video download speed depends on internet connection

The two ways to save videos from Facebook to the cellphone gallery that have been explained unfortunately only apply to content from open accounts. If the account is locked then the service used will not have access so cannot download it.

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