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How to Save Battery on OPPO HP to Last Longer

Gadgetren – To support the daily routine of its users, OPPO mobile phones have been equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm support.

One of its functions allows efficient battery consumption even when running various applications.

Meanwhile, OPPO cellphones are also equipped with Power Saving Mode and Super Power Saving Mode features that can further save battery power when under certain conditions, especially when the battery condition is at a critical point between 20% to 5%.

But you can also do various other things to make OPPO phones last longer. For more details, you can see in the following summary.

How to Save Battery on OPPO Mobile

Set Screen Brightness

By default, OPPO phones will activate the Auto Brightness feature which adjusts the brightness level according to the surrounding environmental conditions. Although this feature is practical, sometimes it actually consumes more battery energy due to changes in brightness levels that are continuously adapting to the surrounding light conditions.

That way, you should disable the Auto Brightness feature and adjust the brightness level yourself as needed. For example, in a bright environment, the brightness level can be increased, but in dark conditions you can adjust the brightness level to be lower according to eye comfort.

Use Dark Or Black Wallpaper

Especially on OPPO phones with AMOLED or OLED technology screens, you should use a black wallpaper or tend to be dark to reduce battery power consumption.

ColorOS 11 Reno4 F Black

This is because AMOLED technology will only activate colored pixels. While the black part will be completely turned off to give the actual black color. This is also the reason the Always On Display feature is dominated by black when the screen is resting.

We all know that the Always On Display feature is one of the features that are present on cellphones with AMOLED or OLED screens because it can display time information, battery percentage, and notifications without draining too much battery power.

Use the Dark Mode Feature

Reno4 F App Cloner

In today’s ColorOS, almost the average OPPO smartphone is equipped with the Dark Mode feature. With this feature, the background of the operating system and various applications can be black or dark.

In addition to providing comfort when viewing content in dim conditions or at night, Dark Mode can certainly make the screen on the cellphone consume battery energy more efficiently.

Activate the Power Saving Mode feature or Super Power Saving Mode

When OPPO phones are not used for various activities, you should activate the Power Saving Mode feature so that applications running in the background are limited so that they don’t suck up too much battery power.

But when the battery is in a battery condition at a critical point of 15%, then you can activate the Super Power Saving Mode feature which allows energy consumption on the cellphone to be very efficient so that it is suitable to be activated when the battery on the device is dying.

Remove Battery Draining Apps

It should be noted that some applications that are present on mobile phones can drain battery power quickly such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, Pokemon Go, and others.

This can happen because of the many features offered by these applications and how often the application gets notifications so it takes more energy. Moreover, TikTok presents various videos on the Home page or Pokemon Go that take advantage of chipset performance, GPS, Augmented Reality, and others.


To fix this, you can delete or uninstall the application on OPPO phones, especially the Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other applications. Alternatively, you may be able to access the service via a browser application.

Use Only Important Widgets

Widget is one of the shortcut features that can be pinned on the Homescreen page. In addition to having an attractive appearance, Widgets also allow you to quickly access important features such as clocks, photos, weather, calendars, sports tracking, and more.

But the more widgets that appear on the Homescreen page, of course, it will consume more battery power from the cellphone. That way, you should prioritize only important widgets to be presented on the Homescreen while the rest are disabled.

Activate Some Features According to Conditions

You could say that the NFC, GPS, and Bluetooth features that are continuously active will also consume battery power on OPPO cellphones. We recommend that you activate these features only when they are needed.

Meanwhile, if you are in a difficult signal area, then you should turn off the cellular connection and change it to Airplane Mode so it doesn’t suck up more battery power because the signal keeps changing. You can also connect to a more stable WiFi network for more efficient energy consumption.

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