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How to Restore Hacked Instagram IG Accounts, Don’t Panic!

The Gadget – Instagram often used to share interesting moments with others in the form of photos and videos via the Feed, Story, and Reels features.

It doesn’t just stop there, even Instagram users are allowed to monetize or make money by creating content that works with product brands, selling, live broadcasts, and much more.

But of course you will panic when the account you have built has lots of followers, high engagement, and good feeds all of a sudden hacked or hacked by evil people.

Besides your data being sabotaged, these bad people sometimes also use your account to commit fraud. To avoid potential further damage, we recommend that you deal with it immediately so that the account can be re-owned.

How to Restore a Hacked Instagram Account

Use Instagram Hacked Features

  • Page access Instagram Hacked via browser
  • Select an option My account was hacked and press the button Next
  • Then you will be asked to enter username, cellphone number, or email from the account used
  • Press the button Next
  • On the page Choose a way to recover your accountyou are asked to choose mobile phone number or email which will be sent later 6 digit code for account recovery
    Instagram Hacked - 1
  • Press the button Next
  • Enter 6 digit code received and press the button Next
  • On the page Request help from friendsPress the button Next
  • Select 2 friends you can trust to help recover your account
  • Press the button Next
  • Press the button Done pthere is a page Request sent
    Instagram Hacked - 2

Wait for Instagram to process your account recovery request. The possibility of getting the account back will be higher if you follow all the steps according to the requested procedure.

It should be noted that the friend you choose must respond to the notification within a maximum of 48 hours. Later you will be given the opportunity by Instagram to create a new password to use for account login.

But if the friend doesn’t respond at all, then Instagram provides the opportunity to choose 2 other trusted friends to help you recover your account.

Reset Account Password

  • Open the Instagram application on the cellphone
  • On the Instagram login page, click options Get it help to login
  • You will be asked to enter your registered username, telephone or email
  • Later you will be sent a message containing link Password Reset via the selected method
  • Open the link
  • Next you are asked to enter a new password
  • Press the button Password Reset

Login to the account with the new password that was created. If successful, it’s a good idea to immediately activate the 2-Way Authenticator feature, requiring access to the code from the Authenticator every time someone tries to access or log in to an Instagram account.

Visit Instagram Help

  • Go to site
  • Next, select the menu Login and passwords
  • Enter the menu Hacked Accounts
  • Select an option I Think my account has been hacked
  • Press Report it to us
  • Fill in the question column that appears as clearly as possible.
  • Press the button OK or Send

After the procedure is carried out correctly, Instagram will process and verify the correctness of the data you provide. Instagram will then recover and open your hacked account after making sure the data checked is correct.

That way, you have to be patient until Instagram finishes checking the data. To avoid hacks, you should implement the 2-Way Authenticator feature as an additional layer of security because it requires an authentication code in addition to using a password.

Apart from that, you should also not log into your Instagram account on any device because we don’t know any problems or loopholes that irresponsible people can take advantage of.

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