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How to Restore Deleted Videos on Android Phones so that they appear again | Gadgetren

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Gadgetren – When the internal storage capacity is almost full on the cellphone Androidusually you will immediately delete several files such as photos, videos, songs, and others that you feel are not important.

But there are times when it turns out that you accidentally deleted an important video through the default Gallery or File Manager application on your cellphone. Actually there is no need to worry because today’s cellphones already have a Trash album that is similar to the Recycle Bin.

The Trash album usually contains files that have been deleted via the Gallery or File Manager application. Usually, if you don’t want the videos in the album to be deleted, you just have to select the video and activate the Recover feature.

How to Restore Deleted Videos on Mobile

Through Album Trash

  • Open the app Gallery or File Manager on cellphone
  • Search Albums Trash or Recently Deleted
  • Look for videos that have been deleted
  • Select the deleted video earlier and press the button Restore
    Video Recover - Handphone - Trash

After the recovery process or recovering data is complete, the video will automatically return to its original folder on the cellphone storage. But what happens if the video is also deleted from the Trash album?

If that happens, you need a third-party application to restore the video. One such as Photo Recovery: Video Recovery, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Through Third Party Applications

  • Open Photo Recovery: Video Recovery
  • On the start page, you are asked to choose the language and access permission for cellphone storage
  • After selected language and access allowed, then you are faced with the main page
  • On the main page, select Recover Videos
  • Once the deleted videos have been found, then all you have to do is restore or Recover justVideo Recover - Mobile - Applicationj

The more files that are deleted, of course, the estimated search time will be longer. Even so, the Photo Recovery: Video Recovery application can actually find many videos that have been deleted in more than a day.

Unfortunately this app has a lot of ads so you have to be patient when using it to recover videos. But actually advertising is a natural thing considering this application can be used for free.

Meanwhile, you also have to wait for this application to scan all the files on your cellphone if you want to go through the video recovery process. You could say it’s quite time-consuming when you have a lot of data and files.

The recovery process through this third-party application can still be carried out as long as the internal storage of the cellphone is not formatted or overwritten by other files.

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