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How to Restore a TikTok Draft so that it can be restored and can be re-uploaded

The Gadget – Short video service TikTok provides a draft feature for video content that is still in the process of being created or drafted.

The draft function itself is presented to help us store their video stock so that we have sufficient video stock.

The number of drafts created and saved is unlimited, so it’s like we have a backup of content that can be uploaded. We can create video content and save it in draft form at will, including deleting it if we want to undo it.

So, sometimes it happens that the video draft that we have made is missing from the profile page, either it was accidentally deleted or it just disappeared. To restore it, Unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t provide any special features yet which contains draft content that has been deleted.

Therefore we can only report it to TikTok as the only way to get the draft video back through the Report a Problem feature. You can find this feature in the Settings and privacy menu on the three-line icon located on our TikTok profile page.

How to Reverse a TikTok Draft

If TikTok has solved your problem, then usually the lost video draft will reappear on the profile page and you can use it again to add some edits if needed.

However, a draft that has been lost for a long time, unfortunately, cannot be returned, so there is no guarantee that reporting the problem will be a solution. This is because the draft video that you want to restore will be mixed in with lots of other drafts that have been deleted.

Therefore, when reporting this problem, it would be nice if you include proof of which photo or video you want to restore so that TikTok knows and can immediately target the video that is intended to be recovered.

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