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How to Restart Xiaomi HP When System Problems Occur

Gadgetren – There are many problems with smartphones that we can easily solve by simply reloading the system or restarting it. For example, such as an application error, the screen hangs, until the internet is not connected.

So it’s quite natural that we sometimes need to learn how to restart the smart phones we have. What’s more, doing so is also very beneficial for the device even if no issues occur.

Restarting can at least make the system run fresher. The workload that the device needs to handle is slightly lighter. The result can make the user experience smoother.

The method to restart the device unfortunately varies for each phone model. Each manufacturer has quite different settings for their system interface.

The good news is that devices made by Xiaomi that rely on the MIUI system interface have a restart method similar to most Android devices in general. We also do not need to bother when we want to learn it.

Cara Restart HP Xiaomi

  • Press the button Power on Xiaomi devices.
  • The power management menu will then appear.
  • Select the menu Reboot to restart.
    Cara Restart Xiaomi - 1
  • Confirm by tapping Tap to reboot.
    Cara Restart Xiaomi - 2
  • Wait for the device to restart.

Restarting Xiaomi phones in this way can be done while the device can still be operated normally. For example, to deal with applications that are not installed properly, a number of error functions, or the system is experiencing lag.

Meanwhile, if the device cannot be operated at all like when the screen hangs, then we need to force restart or force the device to reload. The method is no less easy than the usual restart method.

Cara Force Restart HP Xiaomi

  • Press and hold the button Power.
  • Do it until the Xiaomi logo appears.
  • Leave the device until it turns on again.
  • If necessary, do a regular restart.

Restart or force restart can indeed solve a number of problems on Xiaomi devices. But keep in mind, not everything we can overcome by just doing that. Some may require further treatment.

Apart from restarting the device, we may also need to remove the application or malware that is causing the problem manually via Safe Mode. Not infrequently we even need to do a factory reset or bring the device to Mi Authorized Service to replace components.

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