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How to Restart the Latest HP Vivo So that the System Comes Back Fresh

Gadgetren – Reloading or restarting can be one of the solutions taken when our cellphones experience a number of minor problems due to system errors such as lag or freezes which can happen at any time.

When restarting the cellphone, the problem system will close running applications and stop all tasks ordered. The device will then turn on fresher because it only contains essential services.

Restarting the cellphone can even be very useful even though the system is still running smoothly. We in this case can at least reduce the workload of the device so that later it will be more comfortable to operate.

The restart function itself is available on almost all smart phones currently circulating. Armed with the Funtouch OS system interface, devices made by Vivo starting from the Y, T, V, to X series are included in it.

To restart a Vivo-made cellphone, we don’t need a special method. We can do it like Android operating system devices in general.

Face Restart Alive

  • Press and hold the button Power on vivo devices.
  • The power settings menu will then appear.
  • Select an option Restart.
  • Confirm if needed.
  • Wait for the device to restart.

After the Vivo device restarts, we can also continue activities that were delayed. This includes trying device functions or applications that previously had problems or could not be used.

In certain conditions such as a freeze screen or cannot be operated at all, the method above unfortunately may not necessarily work. We may need to do a force restart or do a forced reboot of the device.

Cara Force Restart Alive

  • Place your finger on the button Power and Volume down.
  • Press and hold both simultaneously for Force Restart.
  • Release both of them after the Vivo device screen turns off.
  • Wait for the system to reboot.

How to force restart on Vivo devices can vary for each model. The above method only applies to new generation devices. Meanwhile, for older types (still using 16:9 screens), we usually only need to press and hold the button Power just.

Keep in mind that a regular restart or force restart certainly cannot solve all the problems that exist on Vivo devices. If you still can’t get back to normal, it’s a good idea to take the next solution such as doing a reset or taking it to a service center.

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