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How to restart and turn off the now different realm 9 Pro

Gadgetren – How to restart and turn off Realme 9 Pro is one of the things that is actually quite easy to do. It’s just that sometimes it can be quite confusing on a number of devices.

As a new phone model realme made, we can no longer turn off or restart the device as before, namely by simply holding the button Power for just a few seconds.

Realm 9 Pro users may also have experienced this difficulty. Instead of popping up the power settings menu, we’ll trigger another feature like Google Assistant when pressing and holding the button.

Through the realme UI 3.0 (Android 12) system interface, the OPPO fractional company did change some of its settings. It also includes a power menu which contains options to restart or turn off the device.

Even so, we certainly don’t need to worry because the Realme 9 Pro cellphone is still equipped with a power menu. It’s just that we have to take the following steps if you want to access it.

How to Restart realm 9 Pro

  • Stick your finger on the button Power and Volume Up on realme 9 Pro.
  • Press and hold both buttons for a few moments.
  • Once the power menu appears, tap the button Restart (two circular arrows icon).
  • Click Tap to restart to confirm.
  • Wait until the cellphone turns on again.

Apart from using the steps above, how to restart Realme 9 Pro can also be done with the soft reset method which can be a solution when the device cannot operate properly. We in this case only need to press and hold the button Power together Volume Down until the screen turns off.

How to turn off realme 9 Pro

  • Open the power menu by pressing the button Power and Volume Up like the previous way
  • Tap an option Power off from the menu that appears
  • Click button Tap to power off
  • Leave it until the cellphone is completely dead

In almost the same way, we can access the options power off on the realme 9 Pro phone. So we don’t need to be confused anymore when we want to disable or turn off these intermediate devices.

Even though it’s changed a little, how to restart and turn off Realme 9 Pro still feels quite easy, right? But if you still have trouble doing it or have another way, you can share your complaints in the comments column.

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