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How to restart and reset HP realm C2 to return to its original state

Gadgetren – C2 realm is an entry-level mobile phone realm which comes with the realme UI operating system from a modified Android.

Even though realme UI is stable and easy to navigate, there are times when the system crashes realme C2 experiencing problems starting from applications that suddenly exit themselves, the network is not connected, error notifications appear, and others.

If the problem is simple, then you can restart the C2 realm. But when you experience a more serious problem, you are forced to reset the device.

How to Restart and Reset realm C2

Restart realme C2

  • Unlock the screen on the realme C2 cellphone
  • After entering Home Screen, Press the button Power a few seconds until the menu appears Power Off and Restart
  • Press the button Restart and the cellphone will die
  • Next, the cellphone will turn on automatically
  • The restart process has been completed when the cellphone screen displays Lock Screen

Usually after the restart process is complete, the cellphone will return to a more optimal condition. However, if the cellphone is still having an error, then you can reset the C2 realm.

Using Factory Reset

  • Open the app Settings on realm C2
  • Select an option Backup And Reset
  • Next, select an option Factory Data Reset
  • You will be asked to enter a Password, PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint for data reset authorization
  • Select Erase Everything and press the button Yes for confirmation
  • Next, realme C2 will do restart and do the process Reset

The Factory Reset feature can be accessed when you can still enter the Home Screen. However, if your C2 realm experiences a bootloop or cannot enter the realme UI operating system, then you can use Recovery Mode.

Reset Melalui Recovery Mode

  • Make sure the cellphone battery condition is 50% and above
  • Turn off the cell phone
  • From the off state, press the button Power + Volume Bawah simultaneously
  • Wait until the realme logo appears on the screen and release both buttons
  • Knob Volume for menu navigation and Power to select menus
  • On the page Select Languange, select English
  • Select the menu Wipe Data and enter the code shown on the side Please enter verification code
  • Next, select the Data Format menu and press the button OK to agree
  • Follow the process Wiping Data until finished with the notification Wiped data Successfully
  • When finished, select the Reboot menu to make the C2 realm restart
  • Then, the cellphone will show the initial settings menu

Even though doing a Factory Reset via the Settings or Recovery Mode application is usually effective, please note that the data you have on your cellphone will be lost forever.

For this reason, you should first back up or backup data to other storage. However, I suggest that you should back up your data regularly, even if you don’t reset it, so you can take care when your cellphone is damaged.

Meanwhile, if at the time the Reset and Restart method is not successful to repair realm C2, then you can visit the nearest realme Service Center from the area you are in so that it can be handled by certified staff.

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