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How to Reset OPPO Mobile To Restore It to Factory Settings

The Gadget – ColorOS which is present on OPPO cellphones presents a simple interface and a smooth system so that it is easy for users to access.

Even though it has a stable operating system, there are times when problems occur when the cellphone OPPO it has been used for a long time so you need to reset it so that the system can run normally again.

You can only use the Reset Network Settings feature if the problem is only around WiFi, Bluetooth, or cellular network connections. Meanwhile, if the problem is more with the system settings, you can take advantage of the Reset All Settings feature.

However, if the problem is even more serious, such as the application always has errors or the system always freezes, then you are forced to do a Factory Reset, either through the Settings application or Recovery Mode.

How to Reset OPPO Mobile

Reset Network Settings

  • App access Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Type in keywords Reset network settings in the Search column at the very top
  • Select Reset network settings on the keywords that appear
  • On the Reset phone page, select an option Reset network settings
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, press the button again Reset network settings
  • When finished, a notification will appear Network Reset Completed

When you use this feature, connectivity on OPPO mobile phones will automatically be restored to its initial position so that WiFi, cellular and Bluetooth networks can be used normally.

But if you want to improve more than connectivity such as system settings, then you can immediately take advantage of the Reset All Settings feature which is also available in the default OPPO mobile Settings application.

Reset All Settings

  • Open the app Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Type in keywords Reset all setting on column Search
  • Next, select an option Reset phone
  • Then select an option Reset all settings
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Reset all settings
  • When finished, a notification will appear System settings have been restored

After using the Reset All Settings feature, the network and system settings will be restored to the initial condition of the cellphone. But when the system still has errors and is really annoying, then you need to use the Factory Reset feature.

Usually Factory Reset is effective in fixing system problems. But please note that this feature will delete all your data on your OPPO cellphone. For this reason, you should first back up or backup data to cloud or external storage.

Melalui Factory Reset

  • App access Settings on OPPO mobile
  • Type in keywords Reset on column Search =
  • Select an option Erase all data
  • Click Erase all data to reset the operating system on the page Reset phone
  • On the pop-up menu that appears, press the button Erase data
  • Press the button Erase data again when absolutely sure
  • Next, the OPPO cellphone will turn off and turn on again automatically
  • After the process is complete and successful, the initial settings page appears as when the OPPO cellphone was first turned on

Please note that the Reset network settings, Reset All Settings, and Erase All Data features will require authentication that has been previously registered, be it a password, PIN, Pattern, or fingerprint if you activate this security feature.

This is done by the OPPO system so that random people do not delete important data on cellphones. That way, only you can do it because it requires a secret security code.

Meanwhile, when you can’t enter the Home Screen page of the OPPO cellphone, you can use Recovery Mode. Unfortunately the data on the device will disappear when using this feature.

Through Recovery Mode

  • Turn off the OPPO cellphone
  • Press the button power + volume bawah simultaneously until the OPPO logo appears on the screen
  • Release button power while keeping volume down pressed
  • Later it will appear Recovery Mode when successful
  • Use the button power to select menus and buttons volume to navigate between menus
  • Select the menu Wipe Data
  • Click options Format Data
  • Wait until the process is complete
  • The system will reboot and bring up the initial setup menu

If you successfully do a Factory Reset using Recovery Mode, the cellphone will return to normal as it was when it was activated for the first time. In addition, passwords, PINs, patterns, or fingerprint scanners will disappear.

That way, you can reset the security code after successfully entering the default mobile Settings application.

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