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How to Repost IG Story To Reshare a Post

Gadgetren – Reposting or re-sharing story content can indeed be one thing that can be done to increase the engagement value of an Instagram account.

By re-sharing Stories, we can strengthen our relationship with our followers. Business actors, for example, can show how much they care about consumers who use their products or services.

In addition, brand awareness can also increase. People can certainly trust our products or services more if they have seen repost stories from accounts that share stories when using them.

Re-sharing Stories can also improve the interaction between personal accounts. By uploading the same content, we can show our response, interest or feeling towards something.

Fortunately, Repost Stories on the Instagram service can be done very easily, especially if we are tagged in the shared content. As for those of you who don’t know, you can listen to how to do it as follows.

Cara Repost Story Instagram

If Marked

  • Make sure you receive a notification that it has been marked via Direct Message (DM)
  • Open the message
  • Tap option Add to your story on the content shared in the message
  • Edit the story that you want to re-share as needed
  • Add stickers, text or doodles if needed
  • Share as usual by tapping Your Story or Close Friends
    Cara Repost Story Instagram

Re-sharing Instagram Stories in this way is one of the most practical. We because we only need to ask someone to tag us in the content they will upload if they want to do so.

But keep in mind a little that this method can only be used if the person who tagged us uses a public account. The stories that are shared are also not devoted to Close Friends, aka can be seen by anyone.

If Unmarked

The problem is that not everyone wants to mark our account into the story they make. If this is the case, then we need to take another way. One of them is by downloading content manually and then re-uploading it.

To download story content, we need help from third-party services. There are two options that can be taken, namely with or without the application. We can also consider according to need.

After successfully downloading the photo or video from the desired story, we can then upload it as usual. We just go to Instagram, tap Your Story on the main page, then share it.

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