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How to Report IndiHome Interference If the Central Network Has Problems

Gadgetren – In order to be used comfortably, IndiHome provides various kinds of products with customer service, one of which can be used to report disturbances.

Despite being one of the giant internet service providers in Indonesia, it doesn’t mean that IndiHome can be free from distractions. The network of the state-owned company is also not spared from various kinds of problems.

Starting from slow internet access speed to lost connection altogether, these kinds of disturbances can also appear on their network. Although sometimes it only happens to individuals or en masse in an area.

Disturbances that arise can be caused by various factors. These include damage to the fiber optic cable network, problems with the router, to routine maintenance carried out by IndiHome itself.

IndiHome fortunately has a number of customer services that you can use to report problems. We can also use it quite easily as follows.

How to Report IndiHome Problems

Via the myIndiHome App

  • Download the myIndiHome app from Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store
  • Log in or create an account if you don’t have one
  • Enter the tab Help
  • Access digital assistant services Indira
  • Select the menu Report Disturbance or type it manually if it doesn’t appear

After that, we will usually be asked to fill out a complete report. We generally also need to provide a subscription number, an active telephone number, as well as details of the home address in addition to describing the disturbance experienced.

Via Phone Call

  • Open the phone call application (dialpad) on your cellphone
  • Call number 147
  • Select the language by pressing the appropriate number
  • In the product selection, select the IndiHome service
  • Wait until it connects to customer service personnel
  • Submit a complaint if it has been successfully connected

Don’t forget to submit supporting data such as subscription numbers, telephones, and home addresses when expressing the problem of interference to the officer. So as not to get confused, it’s a good idea to prepare this before making a phone call.

Through Social Media Services

  • Log in to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • Login with the account you have
  • Visit page @IndiHomeCare on the social media service used
  • Use menu Private Message
  • Report a nuisance by sending a private message
  • Add supporting information such as subscription number, phone and address

IndiHome is one of the companies that is quite active in social media. Even so, we may need quite a long time to get a response from the disturbance report that we submit.

Go to Plaza Telkom

  • Look for the nearest Plasa Telkom location
  • Go to the Plasa Telkom location according to the address listed
  • Take the queue if needed
  • Go to the officer after being called
  • Submit complaints of disturbances followed by supporting information

If some of the digital channels above do not get the right response, we can also report the disturbance directly by visiting the nearest Plasa Telkom office. Don’t forget to prepare your customer number, telephone number, and home address in case you’re asked.

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