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How to Report a Fraudulent Mobile Number to the Authorized

Gadgetren – With the advancement of technological developments, unfortunately, it is also followed by the rise of fraud against many smartphone users via telephone, SMS, or chat applications.

Usually scammers will try to contact many people at once and hope that someone will eat the bait because it will look easy to deceive.

But there are also cases of organized fraud by spying on people who will be tricked in detail in order to get more money. In fact, there are still many people who are deceived by SMS or WhatsApp containing online scam managed to get a giveaway, door prize, or sweepstakes with a large, tempting prize.

You also need to first identify the characteristics of online scams masquerading as offering big prizes, such as:

  • The contents of the message include a personal number, email, or suspicious website address
  • Requesting an advance payment
  • Want personal data
  • Giving misleading steps
  • The usernames of scammers’ social media have numbers, odd characters, or are slightly similar to the real accounts of a company
  • His social media account is not blue ticked or not verified
  • The number of followers that social media accounts have is small
  • Guiding by phone to ATM or entering suspicious websites

If you get a message that meets the characteristics of the fraud, you should report the number to the authorities.

How to Report a Fraudulent Number Online

Via the site

  • Site access via browser
  • On the main page, select Complaint for the type of report clarification
  • Next, type the title of the report, the contents of the report, select the date of the incident, the location of the incident, the destination agency, the report category, attach the evidence file, and select the confidentiality of the report.
  • Press the button Report!
  • The last step, you will be asked to fill in your personal data and complete all the requirements submitted

After you fill in all the data completely, the site will immediately process it to be forwarded to the authorities.

For the record, the confidentiality of the report can be set Anonymous if the report wants to be published on the website with the name of the reporter not listed. However, you can also select Secret if you don’t want the report to be seen by the public.

Via Police Station

If you feel safer reporting it offline, you can also visit the nearest Police Station and prepare various needs to process fraudulent numbers.

You can prepare evidence of online fraudulent activity such as screenshots obtained via SMS or WhatsApp, fraudulent website links, fraudulent phone numbers, fraudulent account numbers, and others.

Then you need to take the witness to the Police Station in order to strengthen the fraud report. Next, you visit the Integrated Police Service Center (SPKT) room at the Police station to provide reports and evidence to the officers.

Later the officer will ask you some questions and ask you to explain the chronology of the fraud incident. Once done, you can wait for further announcements regarding the online fraud reported earlier.

Through OJK (Financial Services Authority)

As an institution that implements a regulatory and supervisory system in the financial services sector, OJK (Financial Services Authority) can receive electronic fraud reports.

You can make a written letter regarding the number and its fraudulent contents to be given to the OJK Board of Commissioners in the Consumer Education and Protection division. Meanwhile, you can also make a direct complaint via number 157 on weekdays from 08.00 to 17.00 WIB.

You can also make a fraud report via OJK Complaint Form page online or by email to [email protected]

Through the Bank

You can visit the nearest branch office of the bank account used by the fraudster to provide direct evidence of fraud, account number, chronology, and other data so that the bank can block the account.

However, if you don’t have time to visit the nearest Bank Branch Office, maybe you can try the alternative by calling the Call Center number of the Bank using the phone.


  • Go to site via browser
  • On the main page, press the button Report Now
  • Next, select the bank for the account type
  • Then enter the name of the bank, the account number reported, enter the biodata of the reported party (including telephone number), the biodata of the reporting party, chronology, and upload evidence of the chronology
  • Wait until the report is processed by

If you are suspicious of the message you received and want to check whether the account is being used for fraud or not, you can use the service to find out. If the number is definitely a scammer, you can add it for reference.

In addition to a bank account, you can also report a fraudulent e-wallet on this site, be it a Virtual Account number and an E-wallet name.

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