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How to Renew IndiHome Speed ​​Through the MyIndiHome Application to Get Speed ​​Back

Gadgetren – As a service that provides Triple Play (internet, telephone and interactive television) in Indonesia, IndiHome strives to provide attractive services and prices for its users.

IndiHome offers unlimited internet which is paid for by a monthly bill. Even so, IndiHome enforces a FUP (Fair Usage Policy) or fair usage limit quota.

That way, the internet speed will experience a significant decrease after the user exceeds the predetermined FUP quota.

For example, if a user buys an unlimited internet package with a speed of 10 Mbps, the speed will drop to 75% or 7.5 Mbps if it exceeds the 300 GB FUP quota or becomes 40% or 4 Mbps when it exceeds the 400 GB FUP.

Of course this will make you annoyed when the speed decreases when carrying out important activities even though it is still far from the turn of the month. Fortunately, you can use IndiHome’s Renew Speed ​​service Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

How to Renew Speed ​​IndiHome

  • Open MyIndiHome application on cellphone
  • Account login with IndiHome number
  • On the main page, select menu More berikon three dots in the Internet section
  • Next, select the menu See Usage
  • After the Internet usage pop-up menu appears, press the button Renew Speed
  • Choose a plan 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days
  • Press the button Buy it
  • On the page Payment, select payment method
  • After making the payment, the speed will return to normal

After the active period of the Renew Speed ​​package ends, the internet speed will return to slow as before. For example, if you buy a 7-day package, the speed will only return to normal for 7 days.

The longer the active period of the purchased package, the higher the price. Apart from that, the Renew Speed ​​package will also have a different price depending on the main Unlimited IndiHome package that you buy.

To make it easier for you to make payments, IndiHome provides various methods ranging from the LinkAja e-wallet, MyIndiHome balance, bank transfers (Bank Mandiri, BNI, Bank Permata), and Credit Cards.

If you feel that Renew Speed ​​is not very effective, maybe it’s time to upgrade your IndiHome package so you can get a bigger FUP.

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