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How to Remove Unwanted WhatsApp Stickers

Gadgetren – Stickers can indeed be an alternative media that can be used to create interactions in various kinds of conversations in Indonesia WhatsApp service stronger.

By using stickers, we can express feelings and thoughts without even having to write a word or two. In fact, sometimes it can be conveyed more easily than explanations in the form of long sentences.

On the other hand, the stickers for WhatsApp are getting more and more diverse here. We can download it by character or theme. Even if nothing fits, we can easily make it ourselves.

Using stickers on the WhatsApp service is also quite easy. We can even manage them as we wish including deleting them if there are too many and trimming storage space.

As for specifically for those of you who want to streamline the group of stickers on the WhatsApp service, there are several ways to delete them.

How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers

Removing Sticker Packs

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Join one of the conversations
  • Tap the button Emoji (ikon Smile)
  • Open tabs Sticker
  • Click button Plus (ikon +)
    How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers - 1
  • Enter the tab My Stickers
  • Press Delete (trash can icon) on the sticker pack you want to delete
  • Confirm by tapping the button Delete again
    How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers - 2

If you use the steps above, all stickers in the related package will be deleted as well. But we don’t need to worry because later we can download it again if we want to use it again.

Delete Favorite Sticker

  • Enter the tab Sticker like the previous step
  • Go to section Favorites (star icon)
  • Find the sticker you want to remove from favorites
  • Tap and hold on the sticker
  • Select Remove if a confirmation window appears
    How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers - 3

On the WhatsApp service, we can also delete stickers that we previously put in the favorites list so that they are easy to use. We just need to follow the steps above if we want to do so.

Deleting Received Sticker Data

  • Open the file manager used
  • Enter the phone’s internal memory
  • Open folders Android/media/com.whatsapp/whatsapp/media/WhatsApp Stickers
  • Mark all stickers that you want to delete
  • Press the button Delete
  • Confirm with the appropriate button
    How to Remove WhatsApp Stickers - 4

Generally, every sticker that we receive and has opened will be saved to the cellphone’s internal memory. That’s why we need to delete it manually, especially when there’s only a little storage space left.

How to do it more or less like the steps above. It’s just that you need to know that each cellphone can place the WhatsApp Stickers folder in a different place depending on the operating system used.

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