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How to remove the default HP Vivo application so that storage is more relieved

Gadgetren – In order to equip their devices, various cellphone companies develop their own interfaces even though the operating system base used is similar.

Within the interface, there are usually a variety of support and additional utilities to make it easier for users. One of several of them was developed in the form of a default application.

Unfortunately, not all of the additional support and utilities are really what users need. It can even be quite detrimental if it is in the form of an application because it also consumes resources such as memory and battery.

Removing default applications from a cellphone, so users are always looking for them. The hope, can be a solution to a number of problems such as lack of storage media.

Mobile phones made by Vivo that offer the Funtouch OS interface also offer additional support and utilities in the form of built-in applications. Here are some ways you can try if you want to delete it.

How to delete the default Vivo mobile application

Via Settings

  • Enter page Settings
  • Find and open a section More Settings
  • Tap the menu App manager
  • Click button More in the top right corner
  • Select an option Show system processes
  • Tap the app that you want to delete
  • Click button Uninstall

The good news is that some of the default applications on Vivo cellphones are also installed as normal installation packages. So we can also remove it more or less using the steps as above although we may need to make some adjustments in some versions of Funtouch OS.

Utilize ADB Connection

If it doesn’t work the previous way, then we also need to take a more technical route. One of them we can use Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which is part of the development in the Android ecosystem.

For those of you who don’t know, ADB is a connection that is usually used by developers to install and test lines of application development code.

Because it can help us communicate with the system on a device, ADB can also be used to remove default Android applications. It’s just that we need a few things to do it.

Apart from having to activate developer mode (Developer Mode), we also need help from a computer or an application like LADB so you can do it. As much as possible, it is done by experienced people because the steps are quite risky.

Using Root

Root can be the final step that you can try if you want to delete default applications on Android phones, including Vivo-made devices in them. It’s just that you need to study the various risks before using this method.

By opening root access, we can do various things to Android devices. We in this case can even do more than just delete default applications.

It’s the same as using ADB, we don’t even recommend rooting for those of you who are still new to it. The steps are high risk as they can sometimes damage the device rendering it unusable.

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