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How to Remove Telegram Online Status So You Don’t Disturb

Gadgetren – As a chat application that is quite popular, of course Telegram has presented a variety of features that can attract a lot of user interest.

Telegram interestingly can be opened on many devices without having to leave the account first. Even Telegram itself is able to present a group chat room with 5,000 members which is more than WhatsApp which is only 256 people.

But there are times when you as a Telegram user are lazy to be contacted by other people, don’t want your online status to be seen. Of course, people will send messages or pictures if your status is online.

Fortunately, there is a way to remove Telegram’s online status via the Settings menu so that you are not disturbed or contacted. Later you can set it in the Last Seen & Online section which is in the Privacy section.

How to Remove Telegram Online Status

By removing the online status, other people will assume that you are not opening Telegram. That way, people think that you won’t reply to chats or messages quickly because you’re not online.

Of course, this can also maintain privacy so that you are not disturbed when there is an urgent matter that must be resolved or under certain conditions, such as working or meeting someone.

However, if you are at work and need proper coordination, you should still activate your online status so that everyone who contacts you knows that so they can respond quickly.

Apart from that, you can also make your online status only visible to Telegram users who are in the telephone contact list by selecting My Contacts in the Who can see my last seen time?

It doesn’t just end there, you are also allowed to hide your profile photo from other users. In the Groups & Channels section, you can determine who can invite to be a member of a group.

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