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How to Remove Instagram Professional Dashboard

Gadgetren – As you know, Instagram offers personalized account profiles including providing accounts for business and personal.

However, specifically for accounts for businesses, they cannot be made private and must be open to the public. Meanwhile, personal accounts can be set closed or private.

Of course, Instagram gives users the freedom to adjust their goals for joining Meta’s social media. Various celebgrams, influencers, or content creators prefer this type of business account because it provides various categories to choose from

One of them is artists, musicians, bands, bloggers, brands, communities, digital creators, education, entrepreneurs, health or beauty, editors, writers, personal blogs, and many more. The selected category can also appear on the Instagram profile page.

Then if we choose the profile account to be a business, a professional dashboard will automatically appear under the biography column on the Instagram profile page.

By default, a professional dashboard is devoted as a tool in viewing the Engagement Rate (ER) of Instagram accounts so that you can find out the number of visitors to which posts bring in the most likes and new followers.

Thus, how to get rid of a professional dashboard cannot be done by a business account but must replace it with a personal account. For more details, you can follow the steps below.

How to Remove Instagram Professional Dashboard

  • Enter the Instagram application on your mobile.
  • Tap the button Profile in the lower right corner of Instagram.
  • Tap the icon button three lines in top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the menu button Settings for professional dashboard
  • Tap the button Account.  how-to-remove-dashboard-professional-2
  • scroll down.
  • Tap the menu button Switch account type. how-to-remove-dashboard-professional-3
  • Select Switch to personal account. how-to-remove-dashboard-professional-4

After that you can check it on the Instagram profile page and the professional dashboard from the business account settings. Indeed, this method has the risk of changing your account settings and you can no longer see the ER performance of your Instagram account.

If your account and purpose on Instagram is to promote yourself, it’s best to stay as a business account because that will help develop your account and personal branding so that it can be better known by many people and increase followers.

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