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How to Remove Instagram IG Highlight Titles to Be Anonymous

Gadgetren – The Highlights feature on Instagram is presented to help us share stories through Stories posted on the profile page.

That way the Instagram Story that we have uploaded for a long time can still be saved and displayed on the profile page. We can choose any moment we share on Instagram Story to be the Highlight.

Each Highlight can be categorized with our various interesting activities to share with followers or profile visitors. For example, if we have a hobby of traveling up mountains, then we can show Highlights based on the mountains we have climbed.

We can also create Highlights based on the names of certain countries or destinations that we think are memorable. But usually there is also a Highlight which sometimes we don’t want to give a special title so we just want an empty title.

But in Instagram app itself unfortunately does not provide a built-in feature that allows us to clear the Highlight title on the profile page. This is certainly something that makes us less fit when we want to beautify our profile page.

However, there is still another way we can do to clear the Highlight title by using a third party to create blank text.

How to Remove Instagram Highlight Titles

Not only one Highlight you can remove the title, you can even remove all titles from the Highlights that you have created, both newly created and old ones.

You can also re-title it if you want with a suitable title. In addition to leaving the title blank, you can also change the Highlight cover of the selected photo or Instagram Story.

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