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How to Remove Calendar Reminders and Turn Off Snack Video Notifications

Gadgetren – Short video services are now more diverse with the availability of TikTok competitors such as Dubsmash, Vskit, Likee, Snapchat, Thriller, and Snack Video.

Service Snack Video also become quite busy being played to create short video content with complete video and audio editing features.

Apart from that, it can also generate additional money received in the form of coins and can be withdrawn to our own account. Of course, using this popular short video service also has many settings.

Including notifications and calendar reminders which can be annoying if you get too many of them. The notifications on the Snack Video application will usually display various notifications such as people following us, giving likes, new posts from friends we follow, to friends doing live streaming.

Meanwhile, actual calendar reminders are also available in the notification settings menu directly in the Snack Video application. However, to delete calendar reminders connected to Snack videos, there is the Event menu which is entered in the Push Notification menu.

How to Remove Calendar Reminders in Snack Video

How To Turn Off All Snack Video Notifications

  • Open your cellphone and look for the Snack Video application icon.
  • Tap and long hold on the Snack Video app.
  • Select the small exclamation mark menu at the top right.  remove-calendar-and-deactivate-video-snack-notifications-5
  • Select the menu Allow notifications and slide the switch left to turn off notifications. remove-calendar-and-deactivate-video-snack-notifications-6.

Either deleting calendar reminders and turning off Snack Video notifications can be options to take if you feel uncomfortable with information that appears frequently to the point that it can interfere with your activities.

By removing and turning off Snack Video notifications, we can focus more on other activities. Meanwhile, to find out the latest news on our Snack Video account, we can open the application after we have some free time.

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