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How to Remove Blank Pages in Documents in Microsoft Word, Very Easy!

Gadgetren – Even though we are already familiar with the use of Microsoft Word for typing or writing a document, but still encounter problems such as deleting blank pages.

This problem itself is of course something that is often faced by Microsoft Word users from various groups such as students, office workers, company owners, and many more.

In this article, the Gadgetren team will help you try to overcome it, especially for Microsoft Word on a Windows computer. But before knowing how to delete Microsoft blank pages, here I want to underline that blank pages will usually remain when we finish typing or even after saving.

When documents that have been saved are opened again and checked again to check, we usually often find blank pages that randomly appear. Whether it’s in the middle of the page, the beginning, until the end of the page. For blank pages at the end of the page, of course, it is very easy to delete.

Which you just have to tap on the blank page at the end of the post then press the Delete or Backspace key. Now the problem is that a blank page appears in the middle of the document we type, which is sometimes difficult to delete by force using only the Backspace or Delete keys.

That way you have to use other methods to remove blank pages in the middle of the document by using the Navigation Pane button or the Navigation Pane available on the View menu or View on the Microsoft Word menu line.

How to Remove Blank Pages in a Word Document

  • Open a Microsoft Word document on your laptop or PC.
  • Select the menu View
  • Tap the button Navigation Pane or Navigation Pane.
  • Tap the menu Page or Page.
  • Find a blank page in the document and tap on the blank page.
  • Then press the button Delete on the keyboard.

Apart from these steps, there are other ways to quickly delete blank pages when you can’t use Delete or Backspace. This may be because blank pages have characters that cannot be seen or are hidden, so you have to use a special method.

You can also tap the icon button Paragraph Mark (ΒΆ) in the Home or Home menu. After that a symbol will appear that previously did not appear in the document. Then drag all the symbols on the blank page with the mouse or touch pad and press the Backspace key.

Besides that you can press the keyboard shortcut key CTRL + G. After that, enter the blank page number you want to delete and tap the Go To button. Then press the Delete button and the page will be deleted automatically.

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