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How to Remove a Photo Background in CapCut to Make It Blank

The Gadget – The CapCut application has a variety of complete video and photo editing features such as cutting, merging, entering text, stickers, changing the aspect ratio format, adding sound, to providing effects along with filters with various themes.

At CapCut, we can make videos to upload to social media such as the short video service TikTok, Reels on Instagram, to YouTube as needed.

CapCut also provides templates to make it easier for each user to make interesting videos when they run out of ideas. Then through the background eraser feature available in the Cut menu, we can remove the background of a video and photo to be replaced with another image so that the results are more creative.

For example, we can change our photo, which was just standing in front of the house, to then change to standing in the middle of the forest. If we are bored and want to have a profile photo for social media or WhatsApp with an attractive background, then we can remove the photo background and replace it with another.

To get accurate background removal results, of course, we must choose clear or close-up photos of ourselves so that the cutting process can be more precise. Not only applies to people objects, removing the photo background can also be done on photos with object objects.

How to Remove Photo Background in CapCut

If you think the photo with the background removed is not quite right, then you can use the help of the modified Cutting tool to cut some lines which, for example, are still leaking with the background of the photo in question.

The cut that was changed was a manual method with a brush to get even more detailed background eraser results. However, if using the Remove background feature is fairly neat, you don’t need to use the help of these cuts.

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