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How to remove a bookmark or tag on Getcontact to make it more appropriate

Gadgetren – Bookmarks or tags in Getcontact can indeed be a very helpful feature because it can be used to determine whether a number is a fraud or not more easily.

The bookmark itself is information added by Getcontact users to label a person’s contact number. What is used in this case may include names, nicknames, or nicknames.

But unfortunately, the Getcontact marker added by someone can sometimes not match the truth. This of course can trigger misunderstandings among users when looking for information about a number.

As a precaution, the Getcontact application is fortunately equipped with a pretty good Privacy Management Center. We can specifically use it to remove unsuitable markers for our numbers.

So we can immediately anticipate things that are not desirable. As for removing inappropriate number markers in the Getcontact application, we can use the following steps.

How to Remove Bookmarks in Getcontact App

  1. Open the Getcontact APP
  2. Login first if needed
  3. Make sure to open the tab Search
  4. Search section My tags
  5. Click button Show more below the list of bookmarks displayed
  6. Look for unsuitable Getcontact bookmarks
  7. Swipe left on the Getcontact marker
  8. Usually it will immediately trigger the menu Delete (trash can icon)
  9. Choose the reason for deleting the bookmark
    How to Remove Bookmarks in Getcontact - 1
  10. Click button Report
  11. Select the button OK if a confirmation window appears

There are three options to choose from when you want to delete the Getcontact bookmark. These include inappropriate content when content is inappropriate, this tag doesn’t represent me if it doesn’t suit us, and other to add reasons manually.

Interestingly enough, the markers that we delete can come back if we want. In this case we can do this directly from the deleted list in the Getcontact application as follows.

How to View and Restore Deleted Bookmarks

  1. Log into the application
  2. Open tab Search
  3. Tap the button Show more in the My tags
  4. Scroll down to find the section Deleted Tags
  5. Find the bookmark you want to return
  6. Tap option Make visible
    How to Remove Bookmarks in Getcontact - 2
  7. Confirm by button OK if needed

By restoring deleted bookmarks, people who are looking for our number will see it again. So later it can still be used by other users to determine whether we can be trusted or not.

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