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How to register to create a video template on CapCut as an agency star

Gadgetren – The CapCut application service is an easy way for users who want to make videos of various sizes.

This application provides a full range of editing features, filters, and effects to make videos more interesting.

However, making videos in CapCut with the available features requires a lot of practice. Therefore CapCut also presents a Template feature that can be used without having to edit manually.

With the Template feature, you just need to enter the desired photos and videos and then adjust them to the shape of the template you want. The video will be automatically created.

In the CapCut application, there are various other user-made templates that you can use. To be able to use one of the templates created by other people, you just need to select the Template menu at the bottom of the cellphone screen.

After that select the various templates that are displayed and press use template below the video. Besides being able to use other people’s templates, you can also create your own template. However, you must first register as a CapCut creator to be able to do it.

How to Get Permission to Create Templates in CapCut

  • Open the CapCut application on your cellphone.
  • Tap the menu Template below the phone screen. How-To-Create-Video-Template-in-CapCut-
  • Tap the banner with the title Become an Agency Star above the Templates page.  How-To-Create-Video-Template-in-CapCut-1
  • After that you will enter the CapCut ID Agency Banner page.
  • Then select the Agency that appears on the screen. How-To-Create-Video-Template-in-CapCut-2
  • Tap the join button icon person and plus sign.
  • You will be redirected to a WhatsApp or Telegram page for join within the selected Agency Group.  How-To-Create-Video-Template-in-CapCut-3
  • In the Agency group it will usually display registration tutorials.
  • You can also register according to the rules and wait for the approval process.
  • If the Agency accepts the application for registration, then you can create a template in the CapCut application.

Besides being able to create video templates, you will also get other benefits when you join one of the selected agencies. The benefits are in the form of prizes and cash up to millions of rupiah.

Not only that, the video templates that you create will also be used and exported by many CapCut users. The template you create will also appear on the For You CapCut page where more people can see it.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to get more followers so that your CapCut account will become popular both in Indonesia and even abroad because applications made by Byte Dance are often used with TikTok.

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