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How to Register on Twitter without a cellphone number if you don’t want to use it

Gadgetren – As a social media that has been born since 2006, Twitter still has many loyal active users from sharing Tweets and interesting information.

Some new users may want to register for a Twitter account without using a phone number because it is one of the data that is considered privacy so they don’t want to be shared.

Actually Twitter allows you to register a new account without the need to use a mobile number, but instead you have to use an email to verify the data for the new account.

You can also register a new account without using a mobile phone number through the official Twitter website which can be accessed directly using a browser.

How to Register on Twitter without a Mobile Number

It should be noted that you can set your own username, but you can’t use a name that is already used by someone else, especially so that there are no similar usernames.

But actually after you have successfully created a new Twitter account, you can also change your username when you feel you want to use a more interesting name. Likewise, the password can be changed as desired after

You are also free to create a Twitter account using only email without a cellphone number. While registration requests using a mobile number by Twitter are usually due to faster verification with SMS notifications than having to open the email application first.

In addition, usually mobile phone numbers are also used for the 2 Factor Authentication feature to make Twitter accounts more secure and reduce the risk of accounts being hacked by bad people. But still, it’s your choice whether you want to pin your cellphone number or not.

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